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P90X2 Ab Ripper: “Engagementation”!

P90X Ab Ripper‘s “I hate it but I love it” success and intense ab burning powers set some Everest- high expectations when it came to P90X2‘s follow up: X2 Ab Ripper. With P90X2 sweating up in living rooms and basements across the country, I now hear a lot of “P90X2 Ab Ripper is too easy” or “I flew through X2 Ab Ripper so fast, I had to do it six times while wrestling an alligator to even feel anything”.  To which I say, “That’s awesome you’re blowing through it… all wrong.”

When it comes to X2 Ab Ripper, there’s a critical element you need to add to the workout– an element Tony Horton coins “Engagementation”. If you’re missing “Engagementation” (IE- ENGAGEMENT– making your abs work exclusively instead of joining up in a muscle block party), you’re probably thinking X2 Ab Ripper is easy. To get out of the “X2 AR… Pfffffffft” mentality and introduce your Ab Ripper conditioned mid-section to a whole new world of burn, here’s a few tips:

X2 Ab Ripper Isn’t The Speedway: Move Into The Slow Lane

X2 Ab Ripper isn’t a race to the finish line. X2 Ab Ripper is slow and deliberate. You’re not just firing off a bunch of reps any more until you get to the burn, you’re introducing the burn through deliberate, measured isolational holds with each and every move. This isn’t the first one to 25 wins, this is “Feel it the first time, feel it every time” slowness.

Momentum’s Out, Engagement’s In: Put Your Abs On “Hold”

In Ab Ripper, there were quite a few moves that allowed you to use momentum to keep going. Why were Pfifer Scissors the hardest move? Because they required holds and engagement. You didn’t gain momentum through any movement, you had to create it at the top and bottom of every lift. X2 Ab Ripper is Pfifer Scissors from start to finish with the two exceptions of Scissor Clappers and Tornado. With virtually every move, there’s a 1-5 second hold at the peak which REQUIRES you to focus on making your core work for the hold. I promise, you’ll feel the torture in short order.

X2 Ab Ripper Is Low Rep… For A Reason

With X2 AR’s deliberate focus on engagement, you’re using your whole core– and after all, that’s what the name of the P90X2 game is all about. It’s also the reason you’re looking at lower rep counts in X2 Ab Ripper. 25-50 moves to hit the burn are out– isometric isolation is totally in. When I really began focusing on engagement and holds, I began to feel pump and burn not just from the usual suspects but from hip flexors to the top of my core and from oblique to serratus.: North, South, East West. When I’m done with X2 AR, my whole core is “pumped”. If you’re doing it right and being patient with it, yours will be too.

So take note! When it comes to P90X2 Ab Ripper, if you’re treating it like P90X ARX and don’t engage these exercises, you’re right– X2 AR will be easy. You’ll also defeat the purpose and short yourself on some serious burnage. Take it to The Next: Engage.

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