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P90X Training For The Real World: Running Calendar

In my world, the point of fitness is to DO SOMETHING with it. I mean, muscles and hotness are definitely a plus but if you can’t chase your kids/dog down or enjoy an impromptu game of hoops without gasping for air, what’s the point? Of course, if you’re on the right track, looking good is simply the fun byproduct of getting fit– the act of being able to live and operate in a world without bumping into yourself over ground-floor limits of ability, strength and endurance.

So what’s all that about? If you’ve visited the Success Center here at HDIGF, you’ve probably noticed the P90X Runner’s Guide- a training schedule using P90X to get you functionally fit and in lean mean shape to bust PRs and knock out your annual 10ks and marathons.

P90X Runner’s Training Calendar

Devised by the one man dervish endurance athlete and enthusiast (aka- cycling, running and rock climbing) Steve Edwards (aka- the man who creates and periodizes all Beachbody training programs), the following schedule is meant to take P90X from the living room (or gym if you’re lucky enough to have access to one that’s P90X Certified), the P90X Runner’s Schedule is a relatively intense one (for those in a time crunch, anyway). But honestly, I think most runner’s are kind of cool with intensity as most runners- those with real intent on kicking butt in a marathon– don’t mind some hard work and putting in hours for improvement. After all, a 12 mile run leading up to a marathon ain’t no 45 minute walk in the park.

So what’s the “tough” part? The P90X Runner’s Training Schedule rolls onto a doubles-style program in the second and third training blocks (the schedule is divided into 3 training blocks of 30 days each), which means in months two and three you’ll be doing a P90X workout and a run for distance to get some road under your feet and put that P90X training to work anywhere from three to five days a week.

I cover the whole thing in very gory, how and why detail with the help of Mr. Edwards here but the fact is the printable training schedule is NEW so I wanted to get it into your hands real fast-like.

If you’re looking for a way to take your Beachbody training program into the real of specific training for a real-world event, this is a great place to start. Just click the image below to get the printable schedule and you’re on your way:


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