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What’s The Deal With Glutamine?

Glutamine (aka- glutamic acid/L-Glutamine) is a fairly popular supplement– one I use both post-workout and before I hit the sack every night. While I didn’t taken Glutamine in my first round of P90X, I started using it a couple months ago with noticeably great results. My “soreness” recovery is faster and I’ve been able to increase my resistance weight 2.5-5lbs every week– where in my first round I plateaued with my dumbbell weight around week nine. As it turns out, Glutamine is also a key immune booster and since taking it regularly, I haven’t been sick despite a couple sets of colds making their way through the family. Nice!

So what is Glutamine and how does it help?

First, Glutamine is the most commonly occurring or “abundant” amino acid in the body. While that may be “science-talk”, Glutamine plays a role in protein synthesis meaning that in the correct supply, it can immediately help in building strength and repairing muscle after you and Tony have torn it down via an extra-intense round of, say, Biceps and Back. By supplementing Glutamine, you’re supplying your body with enough of this amino acid so when it’s depleted after a good workout, there’s still enough to go around to the intestines, blood stream and muscles you just punished. In short, Glutamine works as both a medic and a soldier– repairing your body and helping it with the necessary defense it needs.

How much Glutamine should I take?

Recommended doses run anywhere from 10g-30g a day depending on how hard you’re bringing it, what results you’re looking for or how deep you dig. Since it’s flavorless (some even say it’s a little sweet) Glutamine can be mixed with just about anything. I take in about 10g grams a day (that’s two teaspoons- one in my post-recovery shake and another before bed) as I take in a daily dose of yogurt and eggs— both of which have naturally occurring Glutamine.

My Take:

I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my health and recovery since taking it, but like all supplements, it’s not for everyone. Folks with liver and kidney problems are recommended to avoid it. As with all supplementation and increased activity, check with your doc first.

If you’re in the market, you can find it at your local GNC

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