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Ultimate Reset Science Results

Eating right and well is something that can be tough to do and even tougher to learn to do right. Unless you have a bit of guidance, it’s very easy to “eat healthy” when in fact you’re kind of not. I get a lot of responses to the question “How’s your nutrition” that go a little something like “I eat very healthy”. In most cases, that’s not true. And it’s not anybody’s fault- it’s just that we don’t know any better. Enter, The Ultimate Reset.

The Ultimate Reset is a program I’ve talked about and highly suggest for a couple reasons:

  1. It’s not some crap gimmick. The Ultimate Reset TEACHES and SHOWS you how to eat right, breaking bad habits and putting an emphasis on clean, whole foods. It’s an emphasis on NUTRITION and its importance.
  2. The Ultimate Resets, by way of teaching you, actually improves your health over the course of three weeks AND offers a weight loss solution (a dramatic one at that) without working out.
  3. The Ultimate Reset offers dramatic results in 21 days- with results that keep on giving.

And lest you think I’m just pushing this just to push it, I went on a very similar reset last summer and the food was amazing. What it taught me was amazing and many if the principles we apply in our home and nutrition to this day. Not to mention we were given some insight to some pretty powerful evidence this stuff works via some scientific testing with The Ultimate Reset. I wasn’t able to divulge until it was published as as it happens, the results of these findings were recently published… so here we are!

The Ultimate Reset Clinical Trial

The Ultimate Reset Clinical Trial was an observational study of  50 people of which 43 completed. “The purpose of this study was to describe changes in anthropometric measurements, body composition, blood pressure, lipid profile, and testosterone following a low–energy-density dietary intervention plus regimented supplementation program.”

To break it out, the 50 participants received the meals in the Ultimate Reset which ranged 1200 to 1400 daily calories for the ladies and 1600 to 1800 daily calories for the dudes. That calorie range? The reason you don’t work out on the Reset. There are simply enough calories to meet your daily activity requirements- not much more. As a point, the participants were told to do a normal amount of daily physical activity and -again- NOT engage in working out beyond 20 minutes of walking, yoga, or Tai Chi.

For those who finished, results included impressive weight loss, lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol and men saw significant increases in testosterone. Not to mention other improvements in sleep and energy.

For the full rundown of the test, you can view it here:

Ultimate Reset Clinical Trial Results

What Can I Expect From The Ultimate Reset?

The Ultimate Reset isn’t simply a “eat this not that” program. It’s pretty regimented and disciplined and requires you to be on top of your eating. But isn’t that worth it for the results you’ll see in 3 short weeks? We’re talking 21 days here. Either way, there IS a shift in this program- it’s a change in eating and habit- a change that yields significant reward and shapes a way to better nutrition and eating habits you can carry on to your Beachbody fitness program of choice when you’re done.

That said, there were some common (though not universal) things a few members experienced– something that might help you as you get started, if not just to be aware as many people who drink caffeine talk about the headaches they had after going off of the stuff (very, very common):

  • The most common “adverse” effect was headache, which occurred at a frequency of 22% during week 1. Headaches subsided during weeks 2 and 3 and occurred at frequencies of 8% and 3%, respectively. The headaches appeared to be due to withdrawal from caffeine during week 1.
  • During week 3, participants did report an increase in fatigue, which occurred at a frequency of 12%. The increase in fatigue was attributed to being on a low-calorie diet for 3 weeks.
  • From week 1 to week 3, frequency of participants reporting no effects increased from 55% to 66% to 72%.

In all, pretty typical and expected effects as your body goes through pushing all the sugar, caffeine and other crap out. Of course, the positive effects stack up much better.

In short- the Ultimate Reset program is no joke. It has an intent- to get you eating right, losing weight, body “reset” from all the typical crap it’s been fed and, subsequently,  “trained” for success. The results have been pretty impressive for those who’ve been on it and at only 21 days. My friend Jace L. allowed me to share her results from earlier this year:


Impressive, right? And the cool thing is these results are not atypical- do a Google image search for “Ultimate Reset Results” and you’ll find plenty of impressive before and afters.

Ultimate Reset = Legit. You can learn more about it, read more success stories and/or order it right here. 

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