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Summer Vacations Give You Workout Variety

As you know from a couple posts below, I just jumped back into “real life” after a mini-vacation which pretty much consisted of hanging out and boating/wakeboarding all day, every day. Oh… and making sure 15+ kids were accounted for during daylight hours which was cool as I happen to think kids are pretty rad. So yeah, not a bad little break overall. But hey- that’s not why we’re here…

While it’s still fresh on my mind I wanted to throw out a couple ideas. Last week a friend of mine suggested there’s a difference between vacations and business trips when trying to keep to your nutrition. In short, he mentioned vacations were for relaxation and a “break” (a cheat meal here and there is cool) while business trips are, well, business as usual (clean eating all the way). BUT… (and you knew there’d be a “but” in there somewhere):

Vacation Lessons In Practice

Before you plan your vacation and throw your nutrition down “crapper” with reckless abandon, keep this in mind: your reckless abandon should be tempered by a consistent, if not increased, level of activity. And, well, vacations play into that pretty well thanks to more chances to be up and about instead of sitting– whether that’s behind the desk, a register or on the line. Here’s a couple things I put into play:

Shake It Up

Did I do my P90X/Asylum workouts every day of my vacation? Nope.  BUT (there’s that “but’) I stayed active thanks to all that wakeboarding and swimming and if I felt I didn’t get enough activity that day, I strapped on some running shoes and hit the trail. See, my vacation gave me the option, with a free schedule, for some variety. Was it P90X? No, but it was active, sweat-giving activity that lasted 45 minutes plus. Vacations offer a refreshing way to get out and explore your surroundings while staying active.

Watch TV

And by watch TV, you know I’m talking about bringing your workouts along. I packed P90X One on One, P90X, my agility ladder and three sets of bands. A complete set of workout tools… and it only took up 1/2 a bag. On the days I didn’t go out for a run, we followed a couple workouts and with the lake house we stayed loaded with TVs and DVD  finding a spot to work it out for 50-60 minutes was easy. As it turns out, we had a couple people join us which made it all the more fun– especially when they realize the stuff you’re doing ain’t no joke.

Down Time = Your Time

Worrying about fitting in a workout when you’re supposed to be unwinding on vacation can be a turn-off but as I hinted at before– there’s always down time. And where I enjoy working up a sweat and getting my mind right in the process, down time just automatically felt like a the right time to get a round of Asylum in. As you work into your program, you’ll find you feel the same way. You’ll just realize, “Hey, I could be working out right now” and the workout becomes something you WANT to do, not something you HAVE to do. And that’s the point, isn’t it?

Granted, there’s varying levels depending on your personal goals. I’m years into my fitness journey– you may be just beginning. Know your limits when it comes to nutrition while you’re living it up. If you’re struggling to lose fat, make the right choices. Don’t put the work you’ve put in at risk. You’ll know your limits… and if you don’t, that’s why I’m a coach (sign up here) and that’s why I do what I do. I’ve had people text me on the fly at a restaurant and ask what to eat. I’ve had people email me at for workout/planning suggestions. I love that because, after all, that’s what I’m here for.

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  1. Karen says:

    great advice on spicing up your workout while on vacation! It’s always nice to have options to keep you on track!

  2. Jim says:

    Wakeboarding and boating all day? I am massively jealous:)

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