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Six Pack Secrets For P90X & Asylum Results: Ken’s “Lazy Guy Diet”

Another nutrition post? BLEEP yes another nutrition post!!

Nutrition is the difference between results and RESULTS. And Fit Spot! member Ken? He’s got RESULTS.

Can I get a “Bam!?”:

At 45 years old, Ken’s used P90X, P90X2 and Asylum Volume 2 to reach his fitness goals and create a physique that’s envied by dudes half his age.  Since posting this picture in our private Fit Spot! group in Facebook a few weeks back, (if you’re not in Fit Spot… uh… WHY NOT!?), Ken’s developed a bit of a well-deserved admiration Fan Base. With that in mind, I thought I’d let Ken offer up some of his nutrition secrets because: A) He keeps it simple and B) It’s absolutely worked for him.

Take a few minutes to check out what ken has to say and see if his streamlined, no-nonsense approach is something that can work for you!

Ken Vital Stats:

  • Age: 45
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 174 (Began P90X on 4/20/11 at 226 lbs.)

What is The “Ken” Philosophy on Eating and Meal Prep?

First off let me say that I’m lazy and impatient when it comes to meal prep. To get a grip on some clean eating I absorbed the basic ideas from the P90x Nutrition Guide. I began using a calorie counter app to monitor my Carb: Protein ratio. I use the FatSecret calorie counter simply because it was on the first gen iPad I inherited from my wife when she upgraded. There are plenty of others out there, but me and my app have a history now and it’s really basic.

Do You Track Your Calorie Intake?

I aim for about 1500-2000 cals/day for fat burning. The ultimate goal is to end the day with equal or more grams protein than carbs. So, as the day goes on my running total helps me to determine what to eat and what I’ll feel good about logging into the app. In looking for foods higher in protein than carbs, I find eggs,cottage cheese, nuts, tuna, chicken and the other obvious ones a great boost in my daily numbers and satisfying.

When Do You Work Out, Typically?

I usually aim to do my workouts in the afternoon, as I often work from home and have 2 little ones at home who take priority early morning and evenings. Thank God for preschool 7am to 5pm.

What Does a Typical Day’s of Meals Look Like?

Typical day starts with an egg white and cheese omelet. The liquid egg whites in the carton are incredibly easy to make and I glue ’em together with a little low-fat shredded cheese. A dash of hot sauce and bam: 16g protein and 1g carb. Wash it down with a few cups of black coffee. I got used to no bread and realized I was satisfied.

Mid morning snack of Chobani Greek yogurt- non fat with fruit. Apple cinnamon is my favorite, but they are all good. 1/4 cup of unsealed dry roasted peanuts mixed in with the yogurt and it’s an addictive, filling powerhouse of a snack.

Lunch is a low-carb wrap with turkey and cheese or tuna, or if I’m stuck at my computer and really lazy- a cup of cottage cheese with 1/4 cup peanuts or almonds and maybe a dash of cinnamon.
While that doesn’t seem like real meal, the cottage cheese is filling and loaded with protein and scarce on carbs.

Dinners are varied as they are the family meal, but some routine favs are turkey tacos, baked salmon, chicken stir fry, easy on the rice though, and avoid white. Grated cauliflower can be cooked up like fried rice and to me tastes almost the same as the real thing, but low in carbs. I also eat a lot of broccoli- we buy the big frozen bags and steam them.

Evenings are the real challenge. I stay hydrated and try to stave off the snack for at least 2-3hrs.
This can easily destroy the whole day of carb watching. An arm in a bag of a “fat free” snack like pretzels will jack up those carbs before bed. Nuts, cottage cheese and yogurt are again go to snacks. If I’m craving something sweet,a diced apple with cottage cheese and cinnamon eventually tastes like apple pie.

Any “Special Sauce” Tips You Can Offer That Have Helped You Achieve Such Great Results?

Lots of unsweetened iced tea thought the day helps tame the sweet cravings. To continue to burn off the goo over night, I repeat the mantra….” Go to bed hungry….wake up lighter”.

Beginning your fitness journey? Want results like Ken and support from a dedicated group of AWESOMES like him? Feel free to email me here or at Better yet, let’s get you the support you need to line up your nutrition goals right now. Make me your (free) Beachbody Coach right here and let’s make your goals happen!

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