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Should You Take Recovery Formula Before Bed? Yes, No… Maybe So.

Recovery Formula is some good stuff based on breakthrough sports science. And while it’s easy to take in the morning when there’s plenty of benefit to working out before the day gets started , what happens when you need to work out at night and that happens to be just before you go to bed? After all, the Recovery Formula is built for a reason: repair, replenishment and nutrient transport– one of the very few times sugar is useful/beneficial. Then there’s always that nasty rumor about the calorie fairy who shows up while you’re sleeping and magically zaps all extra carbs to fat after midnight.

So, to put those fears to rest, here’s the protocol for taking the Recovery Formula if you’re working out late at night before bed.

Recovery Formula Before Bed? YES… MAYBE SO!

Unsurprisingly, it kind of follows the basic rules of taking the recovery formula if you work out in the morning or afternoon: EARN IT. In other words, the amount of Recovery Formula you should take at night post-workout is directly relative to how hard you worked out. If your stored glycogen through the day has been tapped in an hour or so (and if you’re going hard, it should be close) Recovery Formula will help. The sugars won’t be stored as fat– your body is yearning for nutrients and glycogen and the Recovery Formula will get you primed for the repair you need as you fall asleep.

THAT SAID… you’ll want to judge your serving size off a “sliding scale”. You know if you worked and ultimately, you may need a full serving if you were intensely tapping your anaerobic system (lots of heavy breathing and endurance work). After all, it’s here you’re causing a little more microtrauma to the muscle tissue. Still, you don’t want to go over 300 calories– which might be hard considering a full serving of Recovery Formula is 220. At the least, you could take a half serving and sleep well at night without worrying about that pesky fairy.

What If You Chose Not To Use Recovery Formula? (NO)

You’re not going to melt or morph into a 90-pound weakling but recovery will be slower… which kind of negates the gains you just worked toward in your workout. After all, the workout is ultimately destructive… but it’s what your body does in RECOVERY that compensates for that trauma to build you back up bigger and better… kind of like the 6 Million Dollar Man… but without the millions. In short, you have an edge in taking the Recovery Formula. You’re simply choosing not to take that edge.

If you’re still worried about the sugar that late or maybe didn’t hit the workout hard enough to earn it, taking in some protein in the form of a shake (with a little water on the side, even) will be better than nothing. It won’t be quickly absorbed but will still allow for some protein synthesis and that’s better than nothing.

Ultimately, your goals and the idea nutritional needs vary in use and dose from person to person and there aren’t “hard and fast rules” that apply to everyone (aka- “bioindividuality”) will dictate how much Recovery Formula you take… but keep in mind, it’s not the bogey-man. Need more information, support and “what for”– by making me your coach, I’m ready and waiting to help push you to your best

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