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Shakeology And Real-World Results

One of the benefits I receive from being part of a group of like-minded Beachbody coaches are the every day, real-world results I get to see as people share their Shakeology success stories.  While my day to day use is for convenience and nutrition, here’s a few real life experiences from friends and team members that are pretty inspiring:

“Before I started drinking Shakeology I would wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for hours. Now that I am drinking Shakeology, if I wake up any time during the night, I can usually go right back to sleep no problem. I have also noticed that if I miss a day drinking my Shakeology that I wake up more tired.”

Michelle P.

“Went to a nutritionist yesterday & had my blood analyzed. It is in the top 3% best she’d ever seen & wanted to know what I was eating. I showed her a sample of Shakeology – she was blown away by the ingredients & quality. She said “this stuff is saving your life”, then demanded I sell her every sample I own until she can get her own. She is recommending it to her patients.”

Brian N.

“I started using “Shakeology” as a healthy meal replacement for my breakfast back in April because I wanted to give it a try as it said it would lower my very high cholesterol. Went in on Saturday for a blood test and got my results back today. Drum roll please………DOWN 34 POINTS! Now that’s what I call results! Shakeology anyone?????”

Laura P.

“My husband and I started Shakeology a couple of months ago not knowing what to expect. I really didn’t expect any life altering changes but to my surprise….within a short time I noticed I had A LOT more energy, the dark circles under my eyes disappeared, I was feeling 10 years younger. I have four teenagers and they also drink Shakeology….so if that tells you anything…It also tastes awesome.

Aimee W.

And here I’ve saved the best ’til last, as recounted by an all around super cool and gracious guy Rafael Filipe who’s had his own amazing experience with Shakeology. As a post-cancer patient, Rafael began using Shakeology and attributes its use to his current state of health. He passed the word along and his Mom tried it. This is her experience as told by Rafael:

“My mom is type 1 diabetes and anemic. She was placed on Thyroid medication to help her lose weight. Her insulin was prescribed to help control her sugar levels. My mom is medically disabled and has had to use wheel chairs and a cane to assist in getting around. She also has to sleep with a sleep apnea machine to help her breathe at night.

So 2 months have gone by and my mom opened her third bag [of Shakeology]. She went to the local grocery store. My mom walks in and the cashier yells ” OMG SYLVIA, You’ve lost so much weight and your walking WITHOUT A CANE!! What are you doing?” That excitement brought my mom to say SHAKEOLOGY! My son got me on it and it’s help me so much she said.

Next my mom went to her doctors office for a physical. All the nurses, techs, and receptionist were shocked too. Her doctor walked in with a confused look on her face. Looking at the chart then at my mom, the doctor couldn’t understand the rapid change. First thing out the doctors mouth was, “Sylvia, what are you doing Different?” my mom said “Shakeology why?” The doctor replied, “Well don’t ever stop it.” The doctor then explained to my mom that she no longer needed her insulin, her levels where normal. Next the doctor lowered her triglyceride medication. Next the doctor was happy to tell her that she was now no longer anemic. Within 2 months my mom lost 32 pounds, that’s an average of 16 pounds a month. Mind you my mother is disable so she CAN NOT EXERCISE. This has all taken place simply by drinking Shakeology. Also with the weight loss, my mom hasn’t needed to use her cane to walk or a sleep apnea machine when sleeping.”

Rafael F.

Will you have the same results? I don’t know. I do know I’m a Shakeology fan, get two bags a month myself and recommend it all day long. The decision to use this impressive shake supplement is always yours but if I can push you toward giving it a try, I’m pretty confident you’ll be amazed with its super-food nutritional profile (which is a 100% ingredient list– no hidden items), how you feel and its ease of use in helping you toward your nutritional goals… and before you zone out on “nutritional goals”– they’re THE key to getting you lean and ripped. There’s nothing yet that compares to it pound for pound– and with a 30 day bottom of the bag return guarantee, why not try it?

Looking for a sample? Message me here and I’ll get one your way.

That sounded real sales pitchy but hey- I use it. I like it. What can I say? TRY IT. 


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  1. Karen says:

    gotta love it! Real results from an awesome product!!!

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