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P90X2 Nutrition Guide Details

By now, you know P90X2 promises to change the game. The workouts are a step above in whole body training and incorporate instability training for an all hands on deck graduation to the mighty P90X2 achievement: PAP Training. But that’s less than the half of it… 20% even. And that other 80%? The P90X2 Nutrition Guide.

When it comes to nutrition, I’m pretty much a broken record parrot that knows only one line and repeats it ad infinitum: “Nutrition is 80% of your results. Nutrition is 80% of your results. Nutrition is 80% of your results.” Like it or not, P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Chalean Extreme or any other of your favorite Beachbody programs need you to eat right. Then again, that’s the beauty of these programs– they lay it all out with no guess work.

P90X2 Nutrition Guide… The P90X Guide Evolved

P90X had a fantastically comprehensive Nutrition Guide— but as with anything P90X, you know there’s always room for change and improvement. The P90X2 Nutrition Guide is changing… and it’s AWESOME. Thanks to Denis Faye, Beachbody’s resident nutrition expert, Handsome Man and nutrition program designer, we’ve recieved some details that have this kid all giddy. Here’s how Denis sets it up: 

You, our customers, have changed. We’ve spent the last 9 years watching you evolve into better, stronger, faster fitness fanatics. Our job was the make sure the guide evolved with you…so we need to address a much broader spectrum of needs. For example, a 105-pound mother of five just isn’t going to have the same nutritional requirements as a professional basketballer… our job was to make a bionic nutrition plan.

A Nutrition Plan For Everyone

If you’ve started your nutritional journey, you know it doesn’t end at throwing out the brownies and writing a break-up note to the pizza delivery guy. As you continue down the path, you evolve as you learn more– incorporating new foods and new philosophies as you learn more about nutrition, your body and what’s best in both. As covered here, there’s more than one way to fuel your body– whether it’s Paleo, Vegan, Flexitarian or a clean Standard American Diet with plenty of whole, fresh foods. The P90X2 Nutrition guide takes ALL OF THEM into account with 27 different sub-plans. And with Beachbody, you know this sucker’s going to be graphically designed for beauty and intuitive ease of use. How’s that for gorgeous variety?

The P90X2 Nutrition Guide Change-Up

With 27 (TWENTY-SEVEN!!!) different nutritional guide choices, something had to give. Sadly, it’s the menu plan– the close-to-my-heart cornerstone of my first round of P90X and the guide that showed you what to eat every day and every snack of the P90X  schedule. That’s probably kind on some pocket books and where most people fit their eating into the portion plan or daily macros vs. calorie intake anyway, it’s probably for the best. Still…

“…everyone loves a good recipe, so we reached out to some of our favorite chefs, including Tony’s personal chef Melissa Costello, and asked them to design a host of meals for every occasion. In this new guide, you’ll find scores of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, soups, salads, and Shakeology® recipes. Because we also have grain-free and vegan plans in P90X2, we made sure to have plenty of recipes to suit both of these dietary approaches as well.”

Another casualty? The “OK junk food” list int he back of the guide. Honestly, I never used this sucker so good riddance because in its place Beachbody loaded up two healthy and delicious choices for every “junk” itme to dry your tears. That means new fats, new snacks, new proteins, and other surprises.

Phase Changes

Ah, the P90X Phases: Phase I: The Fat Shredder, Phase II: The Energy Booster and Phase III: The Endurance Maximizer. P90X2 doesn’t do away with the three calorie “levels”(1,800, 2,400, and 3,000) OR the macronutrient guidelines (IE- 40/40/20) BUT to put a point on the fact many fats are RAD, the allowed fat intake has been upped! I’m guessing it falls into the range of 25% but we shall see!

And since “Phases” denoted “graduation” or a necessary movement into a phase– this term has been renamed “Plan” and comes with a section to help you figure out where you may fall.

“…While we encouraged you to work your way up the three phases with P90X, by now you should have a pretty good idea what works best for you when it comes to performance, shedding fat, or both. In P90X2, you can just pick the one that works for you and run with it, changing plans whenever you feel like it.”

The Vegan and Grain Free Track

P90X2’s Nutrition Guide includes, as mentioned, vegan and “grain-free” options easily fit into the the calorie levels and nutritional “Plans” and includes all the info you need to make them a part of your nutrition. Honestly, this is great as I’ve yet to encounter a vegan recipe that’s been gross and look forward to implementing more (though not in whole) of this nutritional approach.

Macronutrient And Calorie Plans… Addressed!

After my first round of P90X, I ditched the weekly nutrition plan and just started applying protein, carb and fat macro levels to a total daily calorie allowance tracked at My Plate on This made things very, very easy. So here’s some great news:

“…we acknowledge that some of you cowboys (and cowgirls) don’t like to be restrained by portion lists. You just want to know how many calories or grams of carbs, protein, and fat to eat so that you can use your own foods and measurements. For y’all, we’ve provided charts listing all the numbers you need if you decide to forego the portion plan and just hit the macronutrient numbers on your own. Yee-hah!”

A Guide For YOU

The P90X Nutrition Guide is a go-to, must-have resource when it comes to P90X. The P90X2 Nutrition guide looks no different… and comes off as EVEN BETTER. As Denis notes:

“…diet fads come and go, each one claiming to be the final word in sports nutrition. It’s absurd, really, considering there’s no one single plan that works for everyone. The P90X2 Fuel Your Performance Nutrition Guide doesn’t claim to do that. Instead, it’s a wide-ranging guide intended to offer you all the tools needed to work with the only nutrition expert in the world who can truly tell you the right way to eat… You.”

If you haven’t ordered P90X2, what are you waiting for? ORDER YOUR COPY HERE.In the mean time, I’m here for questions all day long. Feel free to email me here or at Better yet, let’s get you the support you need to knock your fitness goals out of the park now AND when P90X2 hits. Make me your (free) Beachbody Coach right here.


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