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P90X and Insanity Grocery Lists On A Budget

OK, raise your hand if throwing down with a workout is physically tough. Duh, right? That’s the point. Funny thing is, the workout can be one of the easier things to do when it comes to a well-rounded attack plan for eliminating that excess body fat we like to call “muscle mayo”. I mean, put in the DVD, push play, follow instruction and bring the intensity.So what IS the toughest part for most people?

Time to talk nutrition, my friends.

No matter what the program or how detailed the nutrition plan, there’s always the question: “I don’t know what to eat!” And honest– that’s OK!  I mean, at this point how confusing is nutrition? You’ve got book aisles lined with “the next best diet” telling you Food “A” will burn more fat than Food “B” while Food C is terrible for you…. unless your follow this diet plan which says Food C is awesome. Don’t count calories. Do count calories. Blah, blah, blah. Add food marketing by the big commercial food producers (whole grain, vitamin C, no HFCS!) to the dog-pile and it can feel like the only way to live is on a steady diet of water and lettuce leaves or a trip to who gives a crap any more.

Well, perk up! Shut down that noise and give me your focus. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated and when boiled down… isn’t. Food is simply fuel– not a reward you’ve been trained into thinking has to be ultra salty, sweet or “fat-filled creamy”. Here’s some things to keep in mind that will keep it SIMPLE:

Keep Your Food Whole

Whole = minimal ingredients– aka, as close to a natural state as you can get it. Yes you’ll have to look at ingredients lists but this is a pretty easy one. The more science lab names you can’t pronounce on a product, the more you should avoid it. Keep with foods that are close to their natural state- vegetables, select fruits (I’ll always recommend apples and berries as first choice), whole grains and lean meat (3g fat per 4 oz. or less).

Avoid Added Sugar

If you’re looking at your yogurt and the label reads it has 24g of sugar… that’s a problem for you and your goals. If your beverage of choice has the same, that’s a problem as well. Keep your sugar way down and again, check the label for “sugar”, “high fructose corn syrup” or even “brown rice syrup”. These are added sugars– and while some may be OK based on the fiber, fat and protein content in the foods you’re eating, it’s a good rule to keep a wary eye out. NOTE OF CAUTION: Some foods have natural sugar. Fruit and dairy immediately come to mind. Dairy usually isn’t more than 4-6g per 8 oz.

Choose Whole Grain

If you’re going after something that’s mostly grain like pasta or bread, choose the versions where their first ingredient is 100% whole ground wheat, etc. Anything else comes up short. Also, keep that eye open for added sugar here as well. Anything more than 1-2g is too much.

Ditch the Junk

You know what I’m talking about when I say junk. Sweets, candy snacks, sugary beverages, cookies, cakes, boxed crackers, sugar loaded yogurt, junk fast food. You know what it is when you see it and you know what it is when you eat it. Avoid it. Don’t stock your fridge with it. Don’t use the kids as an excuse to have it in the house. Avoid it and after a week or so, I promise, you’ll stop missing it. For a longer list of  tricky foods you may think are great but aren’t check out the 10 Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think list.

Balance the Meal

Many times when looking over individual nutrition, things are very heavily weighted toward carbs. And while carbs in their place aren’t bad, non-vegan diet loaded with them will blunt your goals. So keep this in mind while striving to lose weight as a general rule- eat a full protein serving (18-30g) every meal with a complex carb (whole grain, quinoa, oats, brown rice, sweet potato, etc.) and serving of vegetables– whether that’s a big salad or a serving of broccoli. Think in those terms and as you move along, you can whittle and customize things from there.

Grocery Shopping For P90X or Insanity- Better To Best

So now that you’ve got a baseline to pull from and what to look for, how about a grocery list to make things even easier? A word of note: this list is not what I’d call 100% clean for ME. It’s a “bridge list”– one designed to take you from crap to better choices and ultimately, as you begin understanding nutrition and how it works with your body, to BEST. For example, the processed meats? I’d begin to work those out in short order as you begin to understand the power of leftovers, etc. and refine from there.

I know grocery budgets vary wildly but this list should come out as a roughly $300 grocery bill for 2 people for a month. (As a note, GV = Great Value- Walmart’s in-store brand).

Better Grocery List:

  1. 2 packages of Strawberries
  2. Bundle of Bananas
  3. 1 bag of frozen Blueberries
  4. 4 Sweet Potatoes
  5. 3 Packages of Whole Wheat English Muffins
  6. 1 lb. of Quinoa
  7. 1 Loaf of Nature’s Pride/Orowheat Whole Grain Bread
  8. 2 bags of Arnold/Orowheat Whole Wheat Thin Buns
  9. 2 jars of Simply JIF (or for a cleaner choice, Adam’s)Peanut Butter
  10. 1 jar of Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly
  11. 1 jar of GV Banana Peppers
  12. 1 jar of GV Pickles
  13. 1 jar of GV Olives
  14. 3 boxes of cereal: GV Toasted Oats, Kix, Product 19
  15. 1 jar of Wheat Germ
  16. GV sugar-free water flavoring
  17. 1 package GV Beef Jerky
  18. 1 Box of Brown Rice
  19. 5 dozen Large Eggs
  20. 1 gallon GV Fat-Free Milk
  21. 3 Fat-Free GV Cottage Cheese
  22. 8 packages of GV Sugar Free Jello
  23. 2 packages of Borden Fat-Free American Cheese
  24. 3 Large packages of GV vegetables: Mixed Veggies, Corn, and Broccoli
  25. 1 packages Ego Whole Grain Low Fat Waffles
  26. 1 package Weight Watchers Low Fat String Cheese
  27. 1 package of low fat Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage
  28. 1 package Butterball Turkey Bacon
  29. 2 packages Whole Grain Wraps
  30. 1 package GV Fat-Free Cream Cheese
  31. 6 cans of Tuna in Spring Water
  32. 2 bags of Turkey Pepperoni
  33. 2 packages lean Pork Chops
  34. 5 packages GV Frozen Chicken Breasts
  35. 5 lbs of 93/7 Ground Beef
  36. 2 lbs Jenny-O Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
  37. Kraft Olive Oil Mayo
  38. 1 box of Morningstar Veggie Burgers
  39. 1 box of Morningstar Black Bean Burgers
  40. 5 cans of GV Tuna
  41. 2 GV 400 packets Sweeteners
  42. 1 jar of Medium Salsa
  43. 2 packages Dole Romaine Lettuce
  44. GV Whole Wheat Pasta
  45. 1 jar Ragu Light Pasta Sauce
  46. 1 bottle Kraft Fat-Free Caesar Italian Dressing
  47. Kraft Fat-Free Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  48. GV Fat-Free Grated Parmesan Cheese
  49. 5th Season Seasonings
  50. 8 Pure Protein Protein Bars
  51. 1 tub of Whole Oats (or steel cut oats)
  52. + Supplements as needed (Shakeology, Protein powder, R&R, etc.)

As for your “BEST” list, it should look similar to this as you refine and move toward more whole foods. Granted, this list has a few more “ingredients” for preparation and may be a bit more up front but has more items that you won’t need on your second trip to the grocery store.

Best Grocery List

  1. Bananas
  2. Romaine Lettuce
  3. Apples (Granny Smith have lowest sugar)
  4. Grapefruit
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Basil
  7. Red Onion
  8. White Onion
  9. Green Peppers
  10. Celery
  11. Smuckers Natural peanut butter (creamy and chunky)
  12. Whole wheat bread and buns
  13. Brown rice
  14. Whole wheat pasta
  15. Low sugar pasta sauce
  16. Fat free Italian dressing
  17. Chicken broth
  18. Green beans
  19. Peas (and sugar snap peas for snacking)
  20. Baby Carrots
  21. Almonds
  22. Black beans
  23. Tomato paste
  24. Stevia
  25. Olive oil
  26. Olive oil cooking spray
  27. Raisins
  28. Almonds
  29. Oatmeal
  30. Worcestershire sauce
  31. Kraft Olive Oil Mayo
  32. Turkey burger (Extra Lean)
  33. Chicken breast
  34. Sirloin
  35. Fat free milk
  36. Almond milk (unsweetened)
  37. Cottage cheese 1%
  38. No sugar added Yogurt
  39. Low fat mozzarella
  40. Shrimp
  41. Tilapia
  42. Turkey breast (from the deli)
  43. Black bean and corn salsa
  44. Eggs (lots of them)
  45. Bottled water
  46. Frozen spinach
  47. Whole wheat pastry flour
  48. Sea salt
  49. Garlic cloves
  50. Shredded Parmesan cheese
  51. Balsamic vinegar
  52. + Supplements as needed (Shakeology, Protein powder, R&R, etc.)

At this point, it’s just a matter of mix and match with ingredients and recipes. Your nutrition guide will have ideas and we have plenty of recipes here at How Do I Get Fit as well. After the list, it’s a simple matter of plugging your food into your nutrition goals.

As I always say, no man/woman is a fitness island and success grows exponentially with support. Stay on track and receive personal tips and advice by adding me as your free coach and mentor right here. You can also find me on Facebook, Google + and Pinterest. Together, we’ve got this! 


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  1. Drake says:

    What recipes for this grocery list

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Any recipe you’d like. Typically, it’s just a matter of combining a carb portion and protein portion. Are you looking for anything specific in relation to the items listed here?

  2. Yvon Dupuy says:

    Do you have a organized grocery list according to Phase 1, 2, & 3 of P90X Classic, that isn’t bias towards vegans?

  3. Yvon Dupuy says:

    Do you have a organized grocery list according to Phase 1, 2, & 3 of P90X Classic, that isn’t bias towards vegans?

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