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Nutrition Tips From The Real World

This post is about nutrition tips but bear with me here for the “parallel of the day”:

I suck at home projects. I’ll put them off for years a little bit thinking about how difficult they might be, how I’ll end up power drilling my hand into the new closet rod or blowing up the bathroom with nothing but some spackle and a can of paint. And I don’t mean “blow it up” like “make it rock”- I mean literally exploding it. Not sure how it’d happen but with my skills, it would. The way I think about home projects is how far too many people think of nutrition. Difficult. Potential for failure. A chore.

Because of this laundry list of lame excuses, far too many gloss over nutrition when they pick up a program, focused only on the workout when in fact, nutrition is where your “swimsuit hot or not” battle is won or lost. And even more important than that- your long term health. As Tony Horton famously says, “Fitness is fitness. Nutrition is nutrition.” Marry them both and it’s a dream come true.

I can preach this stuff ’til  you’re ready to head butt brick walls while rolling your eyes at another “WATCH YOUR FRIGGIN’ NUTRITION” post from Coach Dan. I get it- so instead… the Fit Spot! team (Spotters) have come to the rescue and laid out how they make nutrition work in the real world– all while aligning with their goals. After all, eating clean and following your nutrition guide’s nutrition tips isn’t hard- you just have to DO IT.

Don’t Guess Nutrition. Be Accountable and Track!

“On my road from 300 down to 150lbs. the first thing I did was started tracking everything that I ate. For me, I use & their iphone app (which also has a barcode scanner to make tracking even easier). If you’re honest with what you’ve been eating as well as portion size, I found that I was QUICK to see what I needed to adjust. My friends tend to sneer or laugh when I tell them about this, assuming I’m being TOO strict or Type-A, but when I put their daily diets to the test, they started to realize some alarming trends (like eating 1000s of calories more than they should or consuming a weeks worrh of sugar in a day). I don’t think I’d be where I am in my fitness if it wasn’t for that. Hope this helps!” — Nichole

Have A Plan!

“The biggest tip I can offer is always have a plan B for your nutrition. Some times I don’t have time to get to the store and cook chicken before I go to work. So I keep protein bars on hand just in case. If you don’t plan ahead you might be more tempted to have something that doesn’t fit in your diet.” — Wyatt

Don’t Go Hungry!

“Eat multiple small meals and eat them before you are starving. When you get behind on eating, it is too easy to replace good food with junk.” –Jeff

Know What You’re Eating!

“Read the labels! I know this sounds like a no brainer but just because you think its a healthy alternative doesn’t mean it actually is. And if you’re a starch junkie (I am!) replace it with quinoa, its a safe alternative and its got protein in it.” –Nikki B.

Have Easy Stand-Bys For Your Nutrition!

“I make sure to have Quest Bars (chocolate cookie dough) available for my sweet tooth cravings! I treat it as my dessert! Although I saw results in my legs and arms from doing Insanity, results in my gut truly began when I started taking my diet seriously! Shakeology helps me not to overeat in the mornings. The chocolate flavor is great with a dollop of peanut butter. EAT CLEAN TRAIN DIRTY!!! Get your sexy back folks!” — La Toya

Keep It Simple!

“I follow the P90X portion approach nutrition plan. I keep a chart on the kitchen table & I track what I eat everyday. And I recently bought a food scale which has helped a lot. I like the simplicity of this approach. For dinner I choose a type of meat & vegetables & that’s it. For breakfast I have egg whites & cottage cheese. Because it’s so simple I’ve been able to keep it going.” –Dave

Keep It Clean!

“Eat more green leafy vegetables! Sneak spinach and kale in everywhere: Shakeology, omelets, etc. Shop with a list and don’t go on an empty stomach. Eat at the table. Eat REAL food; avoid processed manufactured fake food.” — Katie

There you go- a Lucky 7 list of nutritional tips and “keep in minds” from those who’ve made it happen. Eating clean doesn’t have to be hard- it’s just a change… and one for the better. Looking rad and feeling like a million confident bucks is never overrated.

Since no man/woman is a fitness island and success grows like a weed with support, stay on track and receive personal tips and advice by adding me as your free coach and mentor right here. As a bonus, I’ll add you to Fit Spot where you can find additional motivation from Rock Stars like those above!

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