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Hit A Weight Loss Plateau? Might Be Time To Eat More

Everyone wants to lose weight… and of course by “weight” we mean fat. You know… the stuff that makes our bellies shake like a bowl full of jelly, keeps us looking “soft” and screams “I will not be contained!!” when it comes to tight clothes. The key to getting rid of all that fat is nothing short of becoming best pals with a calorie deficit through either exercise and nutrition– a friendship which will cause your body to tap into its extra energy stores and get you into slim mode.

We covered the calorie deficit thing right here and if you’re reading this article you’re probably chasing down the exercise aspect of all this with something like P90X, Turbofire or Insanity— so nice work on one or both of your tracks to get fit and melt the pounds. Nice work!

Still… there may be a time when you step up to the scale and notice things aren’t changing where you want them to. And notice I didn’t say Best Friends FOREVER up there. While calorie deficits can be good, they’re not always all they’re cracked up to be if you keep at them for too long.

Break Your Fat Loss Plateau

I know giving up on a calorie deficit sounds counter-intuitive as once you’ve lost weight at a deficit, it can be really tough to get into the “eat more” mindset. In many ways its become a security blanket and it’s something I struggled with when it was time to “step back into the real world” and is something I’ve seen people struggle with time after time after time… after time. After all, you’ve been eating at a deficit and seen magic happen and fat melt. Upping your food intake is scary– what if you gain weight back?

Let me calm your fears and offer up some ‘splainin:

  1. First of all, you won’t balloon up by eating more of the right foods. You’re not jumping into eating crap by the truckload again. Your body maintains weight at a certain calorie range and if you’re at a deficit, you’re currently eating below it– and probably by quite a few hundred calories.
  2. Second, (and here’s the important part) as you get more fit, add more muscle and boost your metabolism with eating right and working your energy systems with a Beachbody fitness program,the way your body uses (and requires) food becomes more efficient. Your body processes food better, knows how to use it and will begin to require more.  Going indefinitely at a calorie deficit can eventually backfire as your body slows its metabolism to better use the limited calories its given. As part of this, the body can hang on to fat reserves… the stuff you’re trying to get rid of. This has been nicknamed “starvation mode”- your body holds fat stores for energy in times of what it sees as “famine”… hence, a plateau.

Fact is, as your body changes (adding more muscle and busting fat) you need to eat to sustain it.

Going at your program with all the vigor of a fighting champ and not seeing the definition you’re sweating for? Take a look at your food intake. It may just be time to bump up some calories thanks to some prolonged under-eating. Take a step back, add some calories and I’d bet you see the scale (and fat loss) moving in the right direction again.

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