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Fit 2 FAQ: P90X Protein Bars and No Workout Soreness

Fitness 2 F-A-Q! Did you miss it? Of course you did. Or maybe you didn’t… either way, my feelings ain’t hurt. But I bet there’s something in here you that if you didn’t know already, might make you go “Hmmmmm…”. That’s right, I’m here to serve, friend. So let’s get started!

P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars

Question: You talk about Shakeology and Quest Protein Bars a lot but what about the P90X protein bars as a supplement/snack? 

Answer: Oh, you noticed? Yes, I do mention Shakeology and Quest Protein Bars as they’re my supplemental cornerstone… and they aren’t crap. The reason I don’t mention P90X Protein Bars? Because I don’t recommend them. I don’t use them and since I believe there are better protein bars out there if you’re after more of a pure protein bar, I don’t see a reason to use them.

Now, given the choice between a Big Mac, injecting straight lard into your gut/thighs or eating a P90X bar, I’d go P90X Bar. But with 16g sugar, a “meh” mix of soy and whey protein and milk chocolate coating (that’s so candy-like and melty when traveling!) it’s not something I use as it’s pretty similar to a lot of other widely available and mediocre protein bars. To be honest, Beachbody even recognizes their Peak Protein Bars aren’t exactly up to snuff and has them on the list of reformulation (and to their credit, reformulated it from a crappier version a year or so ago).

Now don’t think I’m hating. They are a very close in comparison to a Clif Builder’s bar- a bar I’d use if I needed energy during a hard day of work (digging ditches or on a hike) with lots of sugar readily available for immediate use.

I love me some Beachbody supplementation (Hello… Shakeology) but as mentioned, there are better protein bars and without hesitation, I recommend Quest Bars based on their simple ingredient list, their lower carbs, no added sugar and true, solid protein content (20g).

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Lack of Soreness After Working Out


Question: Dude! I’ve been working out and getting sore. I just did a crazy workout and don’t feel any soreness at all. Should I push harder next time? Is the workout not working?

Answer: I hear you. One of the badges of honor- an effect of training, anyway- is DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) or, as we like to call it, “So sore I can’t sit down/feed myself/comb my hair/smile”. Soreness lets you know you DID something… but it’s not permanent and won’t be there all the time EVERY time. Conversely, being sore doesn’t mean you’re going to die and get a pass on working tomorrow, either.

Fact is, you should always push harder next time but you don’t need to push harder to the point of breaking yourself just to brag about being sore the next day. Another fact is, if you pushed yourself and applied intensity, your workout is working. All this means is soreness usually comes in the ADAPTIVE PHASE of a workout- in P90X and Insanity, we’re talking the first week or two of any given Phase. As your body adapts, gets better and grows… it peaks. And in these peak building phases, that’s when magic is really happening.

Of course, just as you get used to it… it’s time to switch it up (Phases!).

But as I always like to say, don’t overthink it. You don’t need to be sore all the time to have the peace of mind you got a good workout. DOMS can be an effect of training or using movement and muscles in new ways… but don’t go out and lift your car instead of dumbbells just to get that sore back into your life.

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