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Eating Clean: Waffles!

A steady parade of eggs, oatmeal, eggs, oatmeal, eggs, oatmeal could easily lead you to throw up your hands and resign yourself to the defeat of “Clean breakfasts are boring!!”. Not so, I say… NOT SO (pancakes, remember?)!

While eggs and oatmeal are powerhouse nutritional staples, sometimes you need to switch it up… so why not have waffles for breakfast? Sure, those mornings when you’re quick to get out the door might put a crimp in whipping up a batch of waffles but this recipe will make it quick and easy… and if you double or even triple it you’ve got a quick, hand-held platform for breakfast on the go. Think of the possibilities! Waffle breakfast sandwiches,  or even a protein waffle if you want to make it really, really easy.

So enough talk… let’s get you an easy, clean-eatin’ and max utilitarian waffle recipe that’s not only fun to eat but goes hand in hand with giving your body the right to fuel to rip and tone you up.

What You Need:waffle-recipe-ingredients

Mixing bowl, mixing spoon (or beaters/Kitchen-Aid) and waflle iron.


2 c. Whole wheat flour

1 c. Oat flour* (or another cup wheat flour… or, if you must, 1 cup all-purpose flour)

1/4 c. Grade B Maple Syrup* (or brown sugar)

6 tsp. Baking powder

1/4 c. ground flax seed*

1/2 tsp. Sea salt

4 large eggs, lightly beaten

3 c. nonfat milk

2 Tbsp. olive oil

Nonstick olive oil cooking spray

*Chances are you may not have Grade B Maple Syrup, oat flour or flax seed in your pantry. You can find these items in your health food section pre-ground. However, you can grind your own flax and oats with a coffee grinder if you’re feeling crafty and have the time.

BONUS: If you’re feeling like upping the protein power on these pancakes, dump a scoop or two of your whey protein into the mix and cut your flour by 1/4 cup or so to avoid getting waffles that may be “too dry”. Cinnamon will add some flavor as well if you’re feeling crafty.

Five Minute (Or Less) Prep:

Simple: throw everything together and mix. If you’re concerned about a thorough mix/blend of ingredients, throw your flour(s), brown sugar (if you’re using it instead of the Grade B Maple), baking powder flax seed and salt into a bowl and mix dry. In another bowl add the remaining “wet” ingredients (eggs, milk, oil and syrup if using Grade B Maple).

1. Combine flours, sugar, baking powder, flax seed, and salt in a medium bowl; mix well. Set aside.
2. Combine eggs, milk, and oil in a large bowl; mix well. Add flour mixture. Mix until blended.
3. Pour ¾ cup of batter at a time onto hot waffle iron, lightly coated with spray. Cook waffles until golden brown and crisp.
4. One serving equals one waffle; leftover waffles can be wrapped up and frozen.

Nutritional Information: (per serving)

Calories: 225
Fat: 7g
Saturated Fat: 1g
Cholesterol: 69mg
Sodium: 357mg
Carbs: 34g
Fiber: 4g
Sugars: 8g
Protein: 9g
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