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Coach Check-In: 12.5.10


So hey—Monday’s back with a vengeance and “Backpack-O-Rama” is still going strong. As it turns out, I was able to drop some fat folds over the last couple weeks. As you know, I’m not a big fan of using the scale (except as a measuring stick in the beginning) and use a fat caliper to measure fat loss progress instead. I’ve been going for “shredded” while retaining lean muscle mass this round, so this week the news was good!

How about everyone else? So far, everyone is going strong and making some great choices in their nutrition which as you know is 80% of these programs. I’ve even received calls and texts asking “what’s OK” from people who have had to eat out. I love it!

Questions are awesome.. here’s some good ones I’ve received this week…

“I’m about to start P90X for the first time; however, my mom and four other siblings are not participating. I’d still like to stick as close as I can to the food plan– any suggestions as to how I could do this?”

The nutrition aspect is as complicated as you want to make it. The nutrition guide is truly awesome with some great stuff but some of it is really time and ingredient intensive. I’ve followed the plan religiously for 3 months before, but basically, you just want all your intake to fit into you macro-nutrient ratios. The P90X menu guide does it for you and the portion plan lets you sub other things in and out. Portions are definitely less complicated and maybe something your mom can play with in planning your family meals.

In short, keep the food you eat clean and in the calorie goal you worked out with the help of the nutrition guide. Complex carbs, lean proteins and non-saturated fats. Some people just start shopping for themselves or making lists for “mom”. You can also convince “the cook” they don’t have to prepare everything in the nutrition manual– just keep things clean (no butter, fatty cheese, brown rice over potatoes, etc.) and balanced. Then you can use the portion guide to know how much of it you’ll eat.

For example, a chicken breast, rice and broccoli is a clean meal that has you covered. May not be as flavorful as the nutrition guide stuff, but it’s easier to prepare.

The snack meals can be easier to manage– Shakeology, a protein bar, almonds, low fat string cheese, turkey jerky, etc.

What are “macro-nutrients”?

I reference macronutrients a lot– they’re the breakdown of the total percentage of 3 key calorie nutrients you take in over the day: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats (P/C/F).

The P90X nutrition guide has three phases with three different macro-nutrient levels: the Fat Shredder (50 Protein/30 Carb/20 Fat macronutrient ratio), Energy Booster(40P/40C/20F macronutrient ratio) and Endurance Maximizer (30P/50C/20F macro-nutrient ratio). So really, based on your recommended caloric intake, you just need to make your total calories (say they’re 1800 a day, for example) break down into whichever phase % you’re using to meet your goals (Phase I if you’re just starting: 50 Proteins/30 Carbs/ 20 Fats). In other words, at 1800 calories on the Fat Shredder, you’d have 900 calories in protein (50%), 540 calories in Carbs (30%) and 360 calories from fats (20%). You can easily track this on Livestrong’s The Daily Plate (and it’s free!).

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As an FYI, I’m planning on creating a “screencast” to walk you through how to use my favorite nutrition tracking site, The Daily Plate. Using TDP will help you NAIL your nutrition goals. I’ll post it up to the site this week. It will also be available on YouTube.

Shout-out time! Aaron and Loren began their P90X journey today and should make a great team in keeping one another motivated. I’d also like to welcome Stanley and Ben on board.

Keep me posted and updated. I sent out a round of Shakeology samples this morning and am happy to send some more if you’re looking.

Keep rockin’ it! 

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