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Nutrition On The Go

If there’s one part of getting fit and torching fat many people find mystifying, it’s how to eat while doing their program to get maximum visible benefit. Eating right amidst a busy schedule is a pretty common issue and one that keeps a lot of people from finishing their program. After all, slack  nutrition (same ol’ same ol’) will yield crap results 9.9 times out of 10… and without those visible results, it’s easy to understand how many lose momentum and motivation. So what’s the trick?

First, a story:

I was doing some “store wandering” on my lunch break the other day and ran into a buddy of mine who’s been “on and off” with P90X. As we spoke, my buddy expressed his desire to get in and finish P90X for reals this time. He also mentioned something I think many people struggle with: getting together meals when they’re on the go and may be eating a bit differently than their family. I’ve covered the family aspect here but I don’t know that I’ve ever covered nutrition “On The Go” directly.

Obviously, my buddy’s request was a great one, so here goes!

Nutrition On The Go: Keep It Simple


Look, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Scoop, shaker bottle, add water/milk, drink. Highly portable, dense with nutrition and effective for real results. If you have 5 minutes in the morning, you can even craft masterful morning shakes that will keep you full for 2-3 hours and kick your morning off right. I don’t recommend Shakeology because you can buy it here– I recommend it because it works, it’s effective and it IS the nutritional cornerstone and “easy” meal” many people are missing.

If you’re not using Shakeology, you’re missing out on an edge for success and a way to make your nutrition so much simpler.


King of the “Make Nutrition Easy” empire. Leftovers work like this: put in the effort, reap the reward. By that I mean, cook/prepare food. Make a healthy dinner but double, even triple it. As a result, you’ve got lunch you can pop in some Tupperware/Pyrex and reheat on the go at work or before your leave the house. While my family tends to make a lot of food and use it the next day, many people dedicate a couple hours on Sunday to baking up some chicken breasts or making a big ol’ batch of Quinoa or a serving of Sagi Kalev’s Body Beast meatballs.

Does it take a little extra effort? Yes. Yes it does. But taking time to cook a little ensures you’ve got easy meals ready to go and you won’t be caught flat-footed when the hunger pangs come knocking.


Supplements are a simple and easy way to get nutrition- a way to supplement your diet easily and without hassle. And while that may sound like “more expense” supplements replace other forms of food so they’re not added budget line while also adding variety and convenience to eating. So as far as supplements go in this article, whey/vegan protein powders and protein bars are what I’m talking about. They’re easy, portable items that give you nutrition without having to spend 15- 30 minutes making a meal.

Need to split quick? An apple, a scoop of whey and a handful of almonds will nail a perfect macronutrient mix without having to make a huge meal. Quest protein bars– one or two bars in your pocket and you’re ready when hunger strikes.

The Rule of Threes:

Protein (building/repair), Carbohydrates (fuel) and Fat (energy and nutritional enabler). Three macronutrients critical to your nutritional success. Once you understand how your body uses/reacts to them (Protein (building/repair), Carbohydrates (fuel) and Fat (energy and nutritional enabler), you’ll begin to understand how to eat by breaking them down into the three aspect of what you should be eating at any given time.

For example, if you’re shooting for 40% of your daily calorie intake being protein, 40% being carbs and 20% being fat, you know that virtually every meal you need a protein, a carb in equal measure and a little bit of fat (and always veggies- they’re nutritionally rad). So for breakfast you think, “OK, 4 eggs, some toast. Done. Eggs have protein and fat. Toast has your carbs. Done and done. Using this system helps you break down complex meals into simple ones you can work on the go. Like the supplement example above: Protein shake, apple, some almonds. There’s a “meal”. Shakeology covers all of the above in one shot, so you’re covered there.

Making easy choices on the go becomes simple when you think about your eating in packets of three. And if you’re using Shakeology and eating veggies, these fills in the micronutritional blanks (the added vitamins/minerals/phytonutrients you need as a whole that aren’t always available in a protein/carb/fats, mentality). Bam.

Easy peasy.


I cover planning in lots and lots of detail here  but planning boils down to this: grocery shopping. Taking the time to nail down a meal plan and then grocery shopping for it allows you to have the food and supplements you’ll need at the ready, allowing you to know what you’ll be eating the next day. For me, planning has become an automatic inventory of what I’m eating the next day based off what I have available. Going from there, nothing gets in my way and I’m not caught without food on hand. You might be made fun of or snarked at for not eating what everyone else is, but your goals? They’re bigger than that.

The Food Paradigm Shift:

Let’s face it- the way you’ve been eating has got you where you are. Continuing to do the same thing will yield no change. We’ve become so used to thinking of food in terms of snacks and treats and rich and creamy, thinking in terms of “filling up with nutritious fuel” doesn’t compute much any more. This takes a mind shift to stop thinking about food as being something that must be sweet/salty/creamy and begin thinking about food as something that nourishes you and makes you healthy- not just filling your gut.

That doesn’t mean food has to taste like cardboard- far from it.  As I wrote in a post called Five Paradigm-Shifting Ways to Change Your Fitness Thinking, I wrote this:

“There’s a quote I like and like most good quotes, it’s got a little bit of stinging truth:

“Stop rewarding yourself with food– you’re not a dog.”

Food is not a reward– it’s what your body uses to build, repair and nourish itself. Sometimes the food you take in isn’t going to go down like a slice of cheesecake or a bowl of ice cream. Not everything you put in your mouth has to be fireworks. I’m not here to say it’s time to give up on eating delicious food. But you may have to “retrain” your taste buds to appreciate the natural, subtle tastes of foods that will not only get you to your goal but give your body what it needs as well.”

Give it some time, push through the engrained, addictive desires to eat like crap and you’ll come out stronger and with a new way to look at food and eating. Convenience will become easy as you see foods as simple and nutritious… and losing the fat and coming out fit will be the natural reward for it. Promise.

Success grows like a weed with investment and support– stay on track and receive personal tips and advice by adding me as your free coach and mentor right here. Let’s DO THIS. 


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