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Navigating July 4’s Three B’s: BBQ, Beer and Binging

As I said in another related post about holidays… they’re The Devil. Of course, that’s not true because holidays rule 9 times out of 10. It’s just that holidays can become an excuse to cut lose and derail your momentum. With the Fourth of July knocking on the door, we don’t want that to happen. I’m not saying go shut yourself in a room and avoid all the BBQ and event-filled fun but here’s a few tips to keep you on the right track.

1. Work Out

This is the numero uno no matter what holiday you’re slipping into. And really, there should be no excuse to miss your workout with the more relaxed schedule a holiday can bring. Working out will keep your workouts on track, keep your body changing and adapting and won’t throw your focus. It may even help your KEEP your focus amidst all the crazy BBQ comfort food sure to come your way.

2. Snack To Resist

On your holiday, eat normally. You may be able to justify this as a “cheat” day, but cheat days can lead to cheat weeks and months if you’re not careful. To avoid binging at the big event, get some clean snacking in before you head out. When you’re not starving, you’re less likely to splurge. And just so you’re not caught in an “I’m hungry… NEED FOOD!” pinch, pack some protein bars or maybe even a shaker cup with some Shakeology.


July 4 is BBQ central. If you’re in charge of the BBQ, you’re in good shape. You can keep that lean chicken breast on the grill with your special seasonings If not, pack a small cooler and BYOM: Bring Your Own Meat and/or snacks. No big deal. Social eating can be pressure-filled so come prepared!

3. Beer Goggles

In any program where the idea is to shed excess calories and cut the stuff that will impede your goals, alcohol should be one of the first on the list. Still, July 4 is known to have seen its fair share of “cracked cold ones”. Like anything, don’t go crazy. If you’ve sworn off alcohol during your journey— keep your promise and stick to the ice cold…water. While one beer won’t kill you, it’s still empty calories that won’t necessarily help and may even be the point you look back and say, “That’s where I fell off the wagon”. You know you. Act accordingly.

July 4 is a moderately easy holiday to navigate nutrition-wise. Load up on veggies and the clean stuff you know won’t have you wringing your hands at the end of the night crying, “WHY?!” And if you have questions or need a last minute sanity-check, well, that’s what I’m here for.

In the end, tomorrow is another day and looking bac as you get your workout in, you’ll have built a wall of confidence in know you CAN (and did) make the right choices. In the mean time, don’t stress too much and enjoy the heck out of your holiday!

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