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You Vs. Your Excuses

A few months back I whipped up and posted an image for Fire It Up Friday that “ I don’t have time is the grown-up version of the dog at my homework.” Replace “I don’t have time” with any other “I can’t because…” and I still stand by the fact too many of the excuses used when it comes to buckling down on a program like P90X(2), Insanity or Turbofire are the equivalent of patently transparent “the dog ate my homework”. As a Beachbody Coach, I’m flattered and appreciative when I receive emails from people inspired by my journey/results and who contact me with a desire to do the same. From the second I read your email, I’m all in.  As I say on my sign-up page:

If you’re serious about getting fit, I’m very serious about helping you.”

But that’s the catch, isn’t it? “If you’re serious”.

Excuses and Tough Love

Now’s the time I set aside my usual optimism and affirmative support for a little “tough love”…which we all need from time to time, right? So here’s the deal:

You’re not serious if you’re telling me you just have to cave and eat a “fill in the blank with the same ol’ crap you’ve been eating all along”. You’re not serious if you want results without having to get them the hard way– with effort, focus and probably some sacrifice. You’re not serious if you’re looking for reasons to fail over reasons to succeed. You’re not serious if you’re already coming up with more excuses to justify any of the excuses I just listed above.

But with the flick of a mental switch, you can be.

Gut Check

With an honest look inward, you can find the realization and commitment to doing what it takes to get fit and torch fat. You’ll put aside the vices and excuses and “flaxen cords” you’ve snuggled with and justified– that laundry list of stagnation that got you to the point you realized you need to change. You CAN become serious about changing your life for the better. And after a real-life gut check, you WILL become serious.

I know because it’s the road I traveled. I GET IT. I was there. I made excuses. I didn’t want to give up hamburgers and pizza. I didn’t want to give up my favorite treats. And so I stayed the same for a while… and then got fatter. I’d sputter and stall and wonder what was going on. Fact is, what was going on was a bunch of excuses strung together to make me feel good about my inaction. Truth is, we all have busy lives but we make time and room and accommodation for the things we’re committed to.

Your Breakthrough

I love, love, love helping and supporting people to the point of seeing genuine breakthroughs… but those breakthroughs absolutely MUST come from you.

And you can. You SO can.

As often as I see the excuses, I see the people who’ve had enough of them, line them up in front of their steamrolling lawnmower of determination and mow them down like they never existed. Is it tough? Yeah, it’s tough. You’ve got years of bad habits and comforts you’re throwing aside… but you’re throwing them aside for something so much better. Your health, your state of mind and your confidence. And when it’s all said and done, those are more important than some piece of cake, an hour of sleep or killing time watching TV/movies you’ll forget about in 24 hours.

So now’s the time! The clock is ticking!

Take stock of your excuses. Be honest, stare them down and make them flinch. And when they do, give them an uppercut that’ll hit them so hard, when they wake up they won’t think of stepping up against your determination ever again. It’s You vs. Them… and you’re going to win.

As always, I’ve got your back.

Excuses are lame. You’re not. Let’s do this.


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