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Winning The Mental Fitness Game: Five Things To Remember Every Day

Sometimes your trek to all around fitness and “I’ll wear a swimsuit at the drop of a hat, thank you” can be one filled with highs and lows. Anyone who says it’s all fun all the time is full of crap. It can be tough! And the toughest parts aren’t even the sweat, the burn or that last rep- it’s the mental game.

To punch that mental bully “right where the underpants go”, there’s a few things I’d ask you to remember and if necessary, recite to yourself every day for the next 30, 60, 90 or even 120 days.

Your Fitness Starting Line is Different Than “That Guy/Girl”

Don’t judge yourself based on others success. Too many times people expect to see final month results after the first few days. Ain’t gonna happen. Ever.

Aaaah. Now doesn’t that that feel better? Knowing you don’t have the pressure of living up to looking like someone you’re not? It should- your starting line may be 30 lbs. heavier than “That Guy/Girl’s” starting line so your Day 30 will not look like their day 30. It may be less- but the fact is this: You’re not them. You never will be. So measure your success against YOUR starting point. It’s you vs. you.

Which brings us to the next thing to remember:

Time Is On Your Side- Fitness Changes Don’t Happen Over Night

Most Beachbody programs are designed over the course of 12 weeks- aka 3 months. There’s the few exceptions of 30 days, etc. of course but every single one of them takes more that a week. There’s a reason for that. Change and adaptability… they take TIME.

Trying to rush your results is an exercise in punching yourself in the face and saying “Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.”

Settle in and focus on the long term. Time is your friend and will give you the results you want as you’re consistent. Which kind of means…

Don’t Over Think It- Trust The Beachbody Program!

The people putting these programs together know their stuff. The programs are set up and designed to work– and they will. They ALWAYS will… if you follow them. It can be very easy to second guess what you’re doing and the plan in general… and with so many “tips and tricks” and information resources out there on the internet it can be easy to get confused.


You bought the program to get results. Crowd out all the other noise and put a laser on that target. Trust your program. Doing so can be difficult but letting go and “just pushing play” every day can take a lot of pressure and extra white noise out of the equation.

Working Out is only Half Of It

Yup. Just because you’re sweating and sore doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. Far too many people gloss their nutrition guide or think “I’ll just eat healthy” and sabotage their results right off the bat.

The nutrition guide is there to teach you what “healthy” is- how much, when and why. It’s an invaluable resource. Use it and keep your nutrition as high a priority as your workouts. Their synergy will bring you to the other side of your program ecstatic you tuned in to both and stuck with it.

You WILL Succeed

Thoughts are incredibly powerful. Visualizing and imagining your success and commitment will feed your desire to make it happen. Thinking you’re destined for failure will do the opposite.

As the old saying goes, “If you think you’re beaten… you are.”

KNOW that you’re going to succeed… and you will.

Now go on…. SUCCEED. :)


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