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Why Getting 4 Weeks of P90X Under Your Belt Is Critical

Completing P90X is a mental game (… so is Insanity, Turbofire, Asylum, etc.). Heck, getting in shape and staying consistent is a mental game. You’re always battling time, mirror perception and motivation. It’s simple to boil it all down to “Just Pressing Play” every day but there’s a reason for that. As we always say here, change isn’t going to come about overnight. You have to keep consistent and follow the program as outlined. P90X is a program that’s going to give you success if you do it (whether you’re male or female) , but getting the first four weeks with solid consistency is crucial and will propel you to success. How’s that?

Goal #1: Complete P0X… Goal #1.5: Get To Week Four

As your body adjusts, you may not notice a lot of visual change in the first few weeks. Recognize that and expect it… for most people (myself included) it’s really after week four where things begin to ramp up– clothes fitting a little less tightly, a little less weight in the face, the ability to do an unassisted pullup, etc. It’s after week four additional motivation beyond the mental “I have to do this” begins kicking in– you begin SEEING change in its various forms.

Anyone can have “lift off”. Anyone can “launch”. But will you get past the gravitational pull of self doubt and impatience? YES– and here’s how:

You’ve got to make it to week four.

When you make it to week four, you’ve got to make it to week eight. When you make it to week eight, you’ve got to make it to week twelve. Don’t quit. There’s too much improvement, self-respect and opportunity waiting at the end of 90 days for that.

A friend of mine, Donnie E., threw out a great quote the other day I think fits this topic perfectly:

“Imagine if someone led you to an actual diamond mine and handed you a pick ax and said, “Start digging and you can have all the diamonds you find.” Well, what if you dug for days and weeks and still hadn’t found a diamond yet…. would you put down the pick ax and say, “There’s no Diamonds here.”? HECK NO! Why? BECAUSE IT’S A DIAMOND MINE, BROTHER! Diamonds ARE in there– it just takes time, patience and muscle to get ’em out. Be THAT Diamond miner…”

You’re the diamond. I know it. You know it. Get to digging and get to week 4. Then 8. Then 12. There’s a diamond mine waiting at the end of that journey and it’s worth every second of that 90 minutes every day. That’s where your own personal “second stage” rocket boosters kick in and push you all the faster away from the gravity of “same ol’ failure” toward your destination of “Mission Accomplished”.

Fire them up. Plug in. I’m here to help. 

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