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Top Five Lame Excuses For NOT Doing P90X

So Memorial Day has come and gone. Here’s to hoping you took a little bit of time to memorialize those who, as Abraham Lincoln said, “laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom”. Not to trivialize this profound statement, but now that Memorial Day is over and Summer is just around the corner… what kind of sacrifices are you laying out to make your goals of “health and weight freedom”  happen?

If you’re not making any adjustments to your lifestyle, you may be running on or more of the “Top Five Lame Excuses” when it comes to getting fit and staying that way… and as you heard from P90X originator Tony Horton the other day, “Your Excuses Suck”. And while everyone has their excuses, they bother me so much because they’re a mental barrier that keeps AWESOME people from making AWESOME changes in their lives.

“I Don’t Have Time”

The granddaddy Go-To of all excuses… and probably one of the lamest. I know because I used this one and I’m not afraid to admit it was lazy and non-committal. Fact is, everyone has time. Finding the time to make your life better from top to bottom is easy– just subtract the time you load into the stuff that doesn’t make a difference. We find time to watch TV, sleep in, go out to eat and anything else we really want to do… finding time is the easy part. Want more time? Wake up earlier. Go to bed sooner. Turn off the TV. It’s re-run season after all…

“I Love Junk Food Too Much”

Welcome to the club. Everyone loves junk food but the people who succeed with losing fat and getting fit are the ones who get over it. I’ll be the first to admit junk food can be its own reward. I haven’t eliminated junk food from my life but I don’t eat it every day. I don’t eat it every week– and when I do, the stuff reminds me why it’s called “Junk Food” because I feel like junk after I eat it. You do too. Still, no plastic-wrapped chunk of joyous sugar rush is more powerful than your will. Simply decide (NOW) your goal is more important. Plug in to How Do I Get Fit, stay strong and stay accountable.

“It’s Too Hard”

Like learning to drive a car was too hard? Like school was too hard? Like working is too hard? Like EFFORT is too hard? Getting into shape in 90 days isn’t exactly easy but it’s a REWARD… and it’s far from impossible. Far too many people have been successful with P90X, Insanity… you name it– people who were in the same position you are… or worse. Anything worth achieving will take some effort beyond a week or two. Commit. Stick with it and you’ll find “too hard” is spoken by those who wallow in failure and the “same ‘ol”. Keeping after it and building on the previous day’s success turns “Too Hard” into a shredded six pack.

“I Just Can’t Live Like That”

Live like what? Thin, filled with energy, free from disease and feeling great? Yeah, that’s a crappy way to live. I was recently caught in the lunch room by my coworkers as they enjoyed a company BBQ. As I pulled a salad and lean sandwich out of the fridge, they were enjoying soda, burgers with all the condiments, chips and lip-smacking desserts. Oh, the grief they gave. One called me out and said “Well, you’ll be alive and frowning while we’re dead and smiling”. In other words, “I won’t eat that”. Needless to say, the dude who called me out is overweight and suffering from Type II Diabetes. Living “like that” may be easy, but it’s not worth it. With a little effort, you’ll be surprised to find there’s still plenty live for and more.

“It Just Didn’t Work For Me”

Show me a person who says P90X didn’t work for them and I’ll show you a person who cut corners on, or didn’t do, P90X. P90X WILL work for you. If you’re not seeing changes, look first and foremost to your diet. Are you being honest or are you cheating bit by bit every day. Some soda here, going out to eat there. In my experience, the folks who don’t see weight loss with P90X are the folks who don’t change the way they eat. Period. If motivation is hard for you, get into the program with someone else, keep in touch with me– anything to stay in it and doing it daily. If it’s not “working for you” there are ways to make it work. Anything short of that is another excuse.

Hopefully, you don’t have an excuse up there. If you do, laugh at it, touch base with me at and let’s get you after it and seeing success through persistence and accountability. YOU CAN  DO THIS! I’m more than happy to help.

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  1. Jim says:

    “I dont have time” Number one with me, I struggle to overcome that one everyday.

  2. Karen says:

    We all deal with all of these excuses every day! Just depends on how bad you want to see the change!

  3. Joe V. says:

    great post. so true. the biggest obstacle for alot of people is overcoming one of these excuses!

  4. Danv says:

    Thanks, Joe. Excuses can be great– if you’re willing to do what it takes to slap them around and put them in their place. Excuses as a warm blanket of self delusion? Not so much.

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