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Top 10 Ways To Stay Motivated

Motivation can be a tough element to keep powered up all day, every day, 100% of the time. And that’s OK. There are ebbs and flows along this crazy fitness journey you’re on. Getting ripped lean and torching fat all along the process is something that on some days may take a little bit more to get done. But knowing it’s worth it… that’s the stuff, right there.

Ultimately, motivation is best kept lit when you create an environment where it doesn’t have to necessarily find its own fuel or stay water-proof from the daily challenges you face. Here are 10 ways to help keep your “motivational powder” dry.

Envision Your Look

Imagine taking a vacation. You pack your suitcases, hop in the car and drive aimlessly for hours. Sound like fun? Or that it even makes any sense? Heck no it doesn’t. After all, “How do you know where you’re going if you don’t have a destination?” You don’t. Same thing with your fitness. If you have a “look” you want,  you know what we’re going for. Once you have your destination nailed down, you can easily plan the ways to get there with nutrition and persistence. IE- Find a picture of body inspiration and have them everywhere: Your fridge, your phone screensaver, your bathroom mirror.

A fantastic go-to source for body inspiration is Pinterest. The place is loaded with Fit Boards of body motivation if you’re looking for a certain look (always keeping in mind YOU are YOU… not someone else). There’s also Team Beachbody- it’s FILLED with success stories of people doing your very program. A site I personally visit for physique motivation is “Simply Shredded“. I may not be going for a “shredded” or “beefy body builder” look, but there’s no shortage of inspiration to be found there.

Get With Others Who Are Doing Beachbody Workouts As Well

Beachbody has this principle down. It’s what Team Beachbody is all about. It’s what the WOWY Super Gym is for, the message boards, etc. Closer to home, it’s what HDIGF and Fit Spot! on Facebook are all about. No matter how much of a “loner… a rebel…” you think you are, you need to connect with others on the same track as you. It does wonders for accountability and even more, allows a great sounding board. There IS strength in numbers.

Take “Before” Photos

They’re not fun, I know. But I’ve seen far too many people just “not take them” and fall away because they have no reference point after 30 days. Pictures GIVE you a reference point. They add accountability and they show your results the heck off when you get there. They’re motivation in and of themselves. NOT taking your before and 30 day pictures is a mistake. Make sure you take them!

Eat Right

See that dead horse? I’m beating it. Nutrition is the aspect where you’ll go on to unreal success or just run the hamster wheel with your program. Read your nutrition guide. Follow it. Put aside your excuses as to why you “can’t eat this” or “can’t eat that” and dial in on what you really want. It’s not pizza. It’s not late night ice cream. It’s results. Good nutrition (as outlined in your Nutrition Guide and all over HDIGF in the Success Center and in posts spanning almost 2 years) is your priority and key to success. Make it so!

Talk About It

This ties in to hanging with others of the same mindset– in other words, don’t be a fitness hermit. Talk about what you’re doing. Post about it on Facebook. Who cares if people think you’re “one of those”? You’re doing yourself a favor and talking about it reaffirms that favor. Vocalization lets others know what you’re up to, helps with accountability and builds enthusiasm. Failure, challenge, success… it doesn’t matter. Talking keeps you moving forward.

One Day At A Time

While you MUST have a long term goal you’re constantly striving for (complete 90 days, lose X lbs., fit into those skinny jeans) you also MUST take it day by day. Jumping into a 3 month program sounds like a real commitment. Break that down to a simple morning workout and it’s a whole lot easier. “Just Press Play” is effective for a reason- it takes the time equation out and resets everything each new day.

Avoid Negative People

They’re out there. People who will tear down anything and depreciate anything they’re not successful at. You don’t need that noise. You’re in this to win it. Doesn’t matter if someone thinks you’ll quit or keeps trying to get you to “just eat normal”. Fact is, you’re not quitting and you ARE eating normal. Negativity brings you down… and you’re on an upward trajectory. Surround yourself with those who believe in and will support you 100%. Take a break from those who don’t.

Get Rid of Negative Triggers

I cover this in full in the P90X and Insanity Checklists. If milk chocolate is your weakness, don’t buy candy at the store and bring it into the house. If you tend to stay up late so you can’t wake up earlier, put limits on your TV watching or computer time. Feel like you need to lunch out every day, bag a lunch and stay full. We all have “triggers”– things which we know we might not be all that strong with. By eliminating or avoiding those triggers, you promote your own success– after all, you don’t fall off a cliff unless you start playing around the edge.

Reward Yourself Right

You’re working hard- why not set up a little reward system? Here’s and example: In college, I’d force myself to study and finish homework before I allowed myself to do anything else. As a reward for homework or studies, I’d then open my night to do whatever I wanted. It’s the same way here– belay “relaxing” until you’ve worked out today. Maybe at the 30 day mark you go ahead and go on a mini shopping spree and pick up that smaller shirt shirt/pair of jeans. On a daily basis, don’t reward yourself with a burger or some binge drinking. Instead,  reward yourself with Shakeology (or maybe even a second Shakeology) as a sweet treat later in the day. Push hard in your workout and enjoy a cold glass of  Recovery Formula after a hard workout. There are big and small rewards out there– rewards that tie in perfectly with your goals.

Schedule A Regular Workout Time and Know What You’ll Be Doing

In other words, become a creature of habit. There’s a great quote: “Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going.” By doing your workout at the same time every day where possible (I realize life happens sometimes) you are more likely to stay on track. Soon, your body expects it- it’s not hard to get out of bed in the morning… you just DO. Another help is to know what you’re doing and plan on it. Not just “I’m doing P90X or Insanity tomorrow” but know “I’m doing Max Cardio or Plyometrics tomorrow.” With regularity and mental prep, you’re ready, even psyched up for, the next workout that comes your way.

Look, motivation comes and goes– it’s keeping with it that matters. These 10 tips were designed to help keep you tracking the right direction and have worked for me and countless others. Keep that forward momentum and keep rockin’ it!

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