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Tony “P90X” Horton’s Top 10 Do List

I’m not usually a big “post copier” kind of guy but this list (brought to my attention by all-around good guy Sean C.) as written by P90X man Tony Horton felt like it was due on this, the “start of the week” Monday. And man (and lady)… since motivation and support are KEY to nailing your goals for finishing P90X or any other Beachbody program, these tips felt like a fresh breath of enthusiasm soaked air.

See, there’s always a list of Don’ts–and there is one, and it’s good–but I wanted to start on the things you CAN do. I mean, isn’t that what these fitness programs are all about– ENABLING you to break through the barrier of what you thought you were to become the person YOU ARE? To shed pounds, self-doubt and “I can’t” and come out the other side into a world of optimism, self-confidence and “I can”?

Yes. Yes they are.

Tony Horton’s Top 10 List Of  “DO”:

1. Workout 5 to 7 days a week for the rest of your life.

My Two Cents: THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!? Heck yes. That may sound eternal but once you commit and get into the groove, you won’t want to miss a day. It just feels that good– you feel alive, energetic, active and like there’s nothing you can’t do. Why settle for the sluggish lethargy of anything less?

2. Hang out with fit, healthy and happy people.

My Two Cents: There’s something to be said for the people you choose to associate with. They can support you, help you and high five you. For most people, you are who you hang with. On the other hand, associations can also bring you down, discourage and depress you. This isn’t to say you can’t influence others with your actions and awesomeness but folks who are down like to bring others down with them. Choose wisely.

3. Eat fruits, veggies, high fiber whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats 90% of the time.

My Two Cents: This is pretty much the motto you live by if you’re serious about gaining results in these programs. And while different approaches work for different people, following the general guideline will leave you leaping small dogs in a single bound and lifting your weight old ill-fitting clothes. As a note, eating this way 90% of the time is 27 days out of the month… leaving you 3-4 cheat days (once every 7 days) WHEN YOU REACH YOUR GOALS. No Sooner.

4. Lighten up, enjoy the journey and don’t be attached to the outcome.

My Two Cents: Amen. Have you ever noticed most of what you worry about never happens? Life is much more enjoyable when you’re engaged in the awesome that is today instead of the uncertainty that is tomorrow. Worry about the worry stuff when it happens. Until then, enjoy the ride and how you feel/what you discover along the way.

5. Fill The bucket! Live, learn, read, travel. Get outside of your comfort zone.

My Two Cents: Possibly one of the more cliche on this list, it’s not any less true. Whether that bucket is your brain, your thirst for adventure or your heart– GROWING with experience, learning and stretching yourself to try new things adds fun and variety to life… and immeasurably enhances its quality.

6. Get plenty of sleep and manage your stress. Sleep heals – Stress kills!

My Two Cents: If there’s one thing on this list I could work at- it’s the sleep angle. But who doesn’t love this? Your body needs rest as you work it to new heights. Resting relieves and refreshes you. Stressing breaks you down and demoralizes you.

7. Find your Raison d’etre!

My Two Cents: It may be French but “Raison d’etre” simply means “Reason To Exist”. What’s your reason? What’s your passion? Reinvest in it, follow it and believe you CAN and WILL do it.

8. Clean house! Keep what you need and give away (don’t sell) everything else.

My Two Cents: As a people, we are LOADED with “stuff”. The more clutter we have in our lives, the more baggage we carry and the more we’re weighed down. Offloading everything but what we need keeps things real and grounded. Tony’s talking physical stuff here– it could equally be mental.

9. Surround yourself with beauty. Art, flowers, trees. Inside and out.

My Two Cents: This may sound abstract but think of the times you’re most introspective and at peace. I find it’s usually when I’m outside. Why not spread the love to your living space and gain 24/7 serenity now?

10. Live in the moment. The past is history. The future a mystery. What’s incredible about right now?

My Two Cents: YOU’RE incredible about right now. The fact you’re changing your life with your workout program and have the motivation to do so is 110% admirable. Today is awesome because it leads to tomorrow– and tomorrow is where you’re going to come out changed.

Plug in to support. Find your own “DO” list and don’t look back. As for those Tony Horton “DON’TS”? They’re actually another list of “DO” in disguise. Check it out right here tomorrow. 

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  1. Karen says:

    Love this! Amazing advice to live by!

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