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Time is Your Friend- Don’t Make It Your Enemy

I’ve written about it before but too many times I see people jump into their P90X or Insanity program with a full head of steam ready to commit and succeed. They’re in it to win it for the first few days and then disappear and fall off the radar by the end of the first week. It’s sad and frustrating and here’s why:

They were *THIS* close.

*THIS* close to seeing a change that could have propelled them to new heights.

*THIS* close to gaining traction with consistency.

*THIS* close to seeing visible change.

*THIS* close to the goals they set out to accomplish in the first place.

*THIS* close to perfecting a new habit that pays off big in both long term health and pool side photo shoots.

When Working Out, Time Is Your Friend

Too often we think of time as our enemy. “Oh, I don’t have enough time” or “It will take too long”. We want results now and believe me, I get it. I’m coming off a Body Beast Bulking phase where I didn’t go into a lean phase the last month. I’m fluffier than I want to be. I want the fluff gone YESTERDAY. But when I feel this way, I look forward– Beachbody programs are DESIGNED to take time.

The only way to achieve your goals is through consistency. And consistency takes time. Fact is, you’ll get there.

Here’s a great example from my buddy Becki:

“After two weeks of strictly following the P90X2 diet, I can honestly say I’m starting to already ‘see’ differences. Wish it was in my arms and waist (that’ll be the last place)….it’s starting in my legs. Calves and quads are starting to stand out. The ‘pinch’ is getting smaller. I’ve followed this diet before consciously, but not strictly. The first few days of cravings were hard, but it’s over now. My body’s figured it out, it knows what I’m set out to do! Let’s go!!! :)”

Notice it took WEEKS before she noticed any changes… and they weren’t even the specific change she was after. But fact is, she saw some visual difference and THAT’S the key! The rest is coming and she knows it is because things are changing. And when that kicks in, the rest is like dominoes to your goal. Will it be tough? Yes. Will it be frustrating? Heck yes. Will it be worth it? OH YEAH.

Time is your ally. Trust your program, GET DEDICATED and watch it work in your favor.

If you’re wondering how to further amp up your workouts or have any questions, feel free to email me at or make me your free Beachbody coach here.


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