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The HDIGF All-Star Playlist

With the How Do I Get Fit Team growing by the day, I thought I’d get a community effort going and ask some of our All-Stars about their go-to workout playlists– the music that gets their blood pumping, fires up the focus and brings the internal intensity. I received quite a few tracks with a pretty good range of styles: from harder stuff, to club beats and dubstep to “warm-up and cooldown” smoothness. While the list will probably have some tracks that aren’t your favorite (and one or two might have some potty talk), hopefully there’s some call outs in here– a little something for everyone to pull from and add a little extra spice to their workout playlist.

So here it is– your HDIGF All-Star Playlist for the month of March, sorted from warm-up to “Tear it UP” to cooldown:

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