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Thank Everyone Who Said You Couldn’t. Then Prove Them Wrong.

When I was a kid, I was a regular entrepreneur. Not because I loved the idea of business or had an unquenchable thirst to become the next “L’il Tycoon”– I simply loved buying Star Wars guys and riding my bike to 7-11 for Butterfinger bars and trading cards and well, I needed money to do it. So one day I was feeling super-needy and began scouring my room for all the junk I didn’t want but thought I could hawk off in my driveway: Old, crappy picture frames, puppy posters, dog-eared books and nick nacks I’d picked up rambling through the creek behind my house. I collected all the stuff, priced it and considered myself a genius.

The next day I remember telling some friends about my plan and having them tell me they didn’t think anyone would  come to my “Sale”. In that moment, I thought to myself– “Oh yes they will, Suckas. You’ll  SEE.” I went all out to prove them wrong. I made homemade flyers and went door to door, I made calls and finally, the day before my “Sale” I went to the same doors again with reminder notes. The day of the sale I had a pretty good crowd of neighborhood kids and I walked away a rich Little Dude by my 9 year-old-standards.

So what’s that have to do with anything? Here it is: Turn the “You Can’t” of others– even yourself– into the fuel that drives you to do all that much more to succeed with Insanity, P90X or your fitness program of choice in the face of doubt.

History is filled with success stories born out of predicted failure. But those stories of success in spite of the prediction aren’t owned by anyone. The story of succeeding in spite of the doubters or “haters” is YOURS to make your own:

Get up, get going and stop listening to the voice of others in any respect other than adding fuel to your fire. Make your fitness goals happen… and then make sure you thank everyone who gave you the reason to prove them wrong.

You can do this. I can help. Hit me up here or, to make the most of it with extra, “I did it so can you” support, let’s make it official with free coaching right here


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