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Secrets to Being Productive With Your Fitness Goals

When it comes to your fitness and making time for it in your life –heck, even getting it done to meet your goals– I find a lot of people struggle around “making it happen”. Excuses are unfortunately easy and since we aren’t movie stars or models who have hours a day to train in preparation for a role or photo shoot as part of our career, we have to slide our goals into the already crowded arena of “real life”.

So how can you “make fitness happen”?

Beachbody offers at-home programs that make it very easy with a wide assortment of tools form nutrition planner to workouts to nutritional cornerstones but the rest is up to you. Since there’s not magic motivator, how do you sideline the “start/stop” part of you and bring in sure-fire ways to help reach your goals? Here’s a great video that breaks it down in a “practice/studying” aspect… but rest assured, it applies to your fitness as well. My take-aways follow:


Willpower Helps, But It’s Not Enough

Well, for most people, anyway. But the way we see willpower probably needs some redefining- it’s not simply “wanting” to line up your fitness and nutrition. It’s a series of actions set off by that willpower. In short, it’s DOING. As the video mentions, will power can be used up. You know what I’m talking about. You set out to clean the house and after a few projects, you start running out of steam. It’s an easy trap to fall into when you try to accomplish everything at once.

When it comes to your workout, ego depletion is accelerated when you “start and stop” your workouts. By the time you’re on your 5th round of starting Phase I in P90X, there’s not a whole lot of motivation to start over again. Variety remains the spice of life and breaking the program into the one hour chunks every day as designed over 30, 60, 90 days is the way to keep moving forward. Doing it over and over again… not so much. Which is why it’s always said…

Keep Pressing Play

Get started! Taking action will focus the mind and where the mind doesn’t like anything uncompleted, you’re more likely to press forward with your workout. The line Star Wars made famous couldn’t be more true: “Do or DO NOT- There is no try.” Press play. Get your workout in. As part of your fitness program, intrusive thoughts aimed at completing the program will help motivate you to continue. To help with this, setting a deadline on a calendar can help. It’s the same principle as buying that smaller sized pair of jeans or swimsuit- it gives a goal, a reminder to the mind which goes a long way toward motivation.

Focus And TakeĀ  Break

Fitness has this idea built in. Focus on a hard workout for 45-60 minutes and walk away for a 24 hours break. The break allows you to not only recover physically but mentally as well, wrapping your mind around the idea of a workout that’s tomorrow and allowing you to prep and “settle into it”.

Discipline And Scheduling

If you’ve been following HDIGF for any amount of time you know that far and away the first thing I recommend is to rethink your workout time. Mornings get workouts out of the way and creates a set time every single day that’s just for you and your goals. Tied into doing consecutively, your body will quickly adapt and workouts become easy- not something you have to plan around. When it’s done, the day opens up and you can tackle so much more than you thought possible. Those who’ve taken me up on my advice always see I’m right, with typical comments like this:

“I felt energized and positive… I’m pretty sure early workouts are here to stay! No more “life” schedules getting in the way and I am SO happy about that! It does feel good getting it out of the way!”

Stop Assuming, Start Evaluating

There’s a reason each Beachbody program comes with worksheets. They’re to write your progress down. In doing, you know–immediately–where you can improve. You avoid the habit of picking up a dumbbell and doing the same weight week after week. It allows you to push yourself to new new heights and be more effective. The same goes for nutrition tracking. Write down what you eat. those who don’t are ALWAYS surprised at how little they get and how much more of one macronutrient they’re eating. Evaluation allows you to get your daily actions lined up with your goals. In so doing, they also provide motivation in and of themselves as you reach and surpass them.

Create An Action Plan

Bonus– this is already done for you. Your program, whether Body Beast, Les Mills, P90X, Insanity or Turbofire already has a plan of action. It tells you what to do. All you have to do is… well, do it.

The tools are at your disposal. Let’s rock it.

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  1. Carlos says:

    Good article, Dan! I think the biggest tip here is the “GO!” action. We sometimes look at a huge task or tough workout, like (Plyometrics) for example, and just sit there on the couch waiting for some miracle to get us up an do the workout or the task. We just have to stop thinking and START doing the task or workout! ‘GO GO GO”! Cause once you start it’s hard to stop. MOMENTUM. :)

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