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Pushing It

OK, posting a picture of a pool of your sweat (not an “accident”) after a hard-fought workout might be kind of gross but in some respects it’s an indicator of effort. The more we push (in P90X, Asylum, Insanity or ANY activity), the more we tend to keep sweating, the more our bodies are working, pushing and breaking through boundaries mental and physical. In short– obliterating personal bests is how we improve and progress to “the next level”.

So there’s two things in regard to sweating it out I wanted to send a reminder on today:

Push It!

If your goal is to improve your fitness, you’ve got to push yourself. There’s a point your brain will say “enough” with muscles burning and shaking and it’s at that point you push through and get one, two, three more moves. “When you’re tired, the work begins.” You know your limits– the point where you say “OK, I’m done here.” To push it and progress, you need to take the wrecking ball of your will and smash through that barrier.

Track It!

If you don’t know where your barriers lie, you can’t climb to– or break through– them. Tracking your week over week progress on paper not only lets you see where you’ve been, it also motivates you as you see how you’ve improved and KEPT improving. If you’re not using worksheets to track your workouts, you can download them here. If worksheets don’t exist for the exercises you’re doing, create your own tracking them whether it’s a piece of paper you have in your workout space or on a spreadsheet. By challenging yourself every week and getting “just one more move”… you’ll be even more effective in getting to the physical performance you’re after.

In short, push it and defy your limits! You really can change your life both physically and mentally. I’m happy to help you do it should you choose to use me as your coach

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  1. Ted Gore says:

    Muhamed Ali – The training doesn’t begin until you can’t do anymore.

  2. Tim Yerger says:

    Thanks Coach Dan! I’ve been pushing hard through Asylum, my limits have been tested and broken!

  3. Chris says:

    Mind over matter

  4. Carlos S. says:

    I start counting my ab reps, when the pain comes. But by then… I only do 2 more o.O

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