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Motivation: Finding It And Getting Past Square One

Almost two years ago, I’d completed P90X and began taking my shirt off in public again. Then I got sick… Cut to six months and 180 days of lamely justified excuses later… and I was back to square one. After all my previous hard work and dedication, standing at the bottom again and looking back up was really, really tough and internal motivation was nowhere to be found.

I mention this because frustration is the number one motivation killer. I see it all over the Facebook message boards, Team questions and in common questions I receive as an Independent Beachbody coach. Frustration, however, doesn’t haven’t to be bucket of water that douses your motivational fire. It can be the kindling that restarts it.

One thing to keep in mind: there will¬† always be times you’ll have a hard time finding the motivation to workout or continue with your program.

Here’s a couple ways I found the motivation that got me started and kept me going:


When I fell off the bandwagon, I struggled to get back on and if I couldn’t be accountable to myself, I knew bringing a buddy into the mix would solve that. I recruited a friend to start P90X Part II with me and we started it together. Finding outside accountability MADE me do the program so I could be an example. You’ll find as you make the change to eat better and lose weight people all around you will try to pull you down. They’ll make fun of you. They’ll try and tempt you with the most delicious pizza you’ve ever seen. A buddy who’s on the same path can really help in keeping you buoyed up. Thanks to beginning P90X again with a buddy, I’m now back to— and in better– position than I ever was with results far surpassing my previous transformation of two years ago.


Here’s a question I want you to think about– how is working out any different from finding the motivation to go to work every morning, putting on your best face at a public appearance or simply tackling that pile of laundry you’ve been avoiding for two weeks? The answer is simple: your motivation comes with the determination of reaching an end goal and is fueled by the place that same goal takes in your personal priority “inbox”. Your laundry won’t clean itself and in the end, your body won’t make itself shed unwanted pounds. So make this decision now: Your priority is committing to P90X to achieve your lifestyle change and body transformation. Using that as your catalyst, just take that first step– your progress will give itself momentum simply by DOING.


DOING goes a long way– just take the first step. Square One or even Two aren’t places any number of winners haven’t been in before… and totally overcome. Don’t ever resign yourself to the mental game of self-deprecation by saying “I’m lazy” or “not worth it” or “can’t”. You’re not, you are and you can. That’s why you’re here reading this right now. That’s why you’re looking at P90X, Insanity or any other program to get back in shape. You’re being proactive, so never dare to get down on yourself. You have the keys to make the body you’ve always wanted happen. Each step will lead to the next. Just do!


“TRY” is an excuse. So is “I can’t find the time”, “I enjoy “fill in the blank” too much”, “It’s hard” and “nutrition is confusing”. All of those excuses are bunk– nothing but mental barriers you need to drive a Mac truck through at 80 miles per hour. Your Mac truck is called recruiting a friend, setting a deadline, buying “skinny” clothes, plugging into Team Beachbody, myself or this community… anything you know will get you taking that first step. After that, your momentum and the support you’ll find here can keep you moving forward.


Everyone has “junk food” cravings– but they’re an excuse. Food cravings can be beaten almost completely with a few weeks of clean eating and staying full. Let’s be honest, though–¬† I’ve been eating clean since I can’t remember and there are still days I crave my favorite comfort foods of pizza, a hot dog or mac and cheese. How do you banish those cravings? Put GOOD food in your belly by eating every few hours. Filling up on good food will always curb cravings. Nothing looks undeniable when you’re full. It’s only when you’re hungry that you’ll find you’re at your weakest. Remember the saying “Don’t go to the grocery store hungry?” Same thing applies here.


I say this knowing there are always exceptions to the rule. Work hours may make it tough– but if all possible, do your workouts in the morning. You’ll have more energy, you’ll become more consistent and you won’t have to drum up enthusiasm after a long day where things always seem to “pop up”. I began P90X Part II at night because I didn’t want to get up. Making the workouts happen was that much more difficult until I decided TV time was far less important than waking up 1.5 hours earlier. Remember: priorities.

So remember that motivational Mac truck? The one you need to take through the wall of excuses at a brick-crushing 80 MPH? You’ve already got the keys to start that monster up because TODAY is the day that matters. You just need to make the decision.

The best part? It’s an easy one.

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