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Insanity Inspiration: Meet “P”

Dedication to fitness can be tough. Life happens, temptations abound, we get tired… there’s a whole list of reasons it can be tough. But I wanted to share with you a story of a woman I was recently lucky enough to meet. We’ll call her “P” for now but she is an amazing example of what fitness can do with persistence and dedication. Every time we chat I come away with a smile. See, “P” grew up in Jamaica and was always athletic growing up. Having participated in Track and Field and soccer (football) she found she was able to develop muscle easily.

Of course, life moves on and she’s now living in Canada as a High School teacher. She also suffers from Uterine Fibroid- a very painful and persistent condition for which she’s had a couple operations to rectify. And while that’s an easy excuse, it’s not one she’s even considered:

“… working out sometimes is a real commitment as there are days when am so tired or just in pain—fibroid pain, that is.  When this happens, I would rather work out for 20 or 25 minutes instead of doing nothing. My mantra is: It’s OK if you only workout for 30 minutes. Tomorrow you’ll try again. Take care of self and that means to listen to what your body is saying. Don’t feel guilt when you try. “

And that “something” she’s talking about? Insanity. That’s right. “P” works out to one of Beachbody’s toughest graduate programs. And even better? She just finished her first round:

“Yeah, I can say I completed Insanity!! Damn and it wasn’t easy! Planning on starting my second round next week.  Some of the moves kicked my ass and am still unable to do them perfectly…so am planning to kick their ass instead! LOL I’ll also incorporate  either a few days of Brazil Butt Lift and/or P90X… am feeling great and looking great. I’ve not lost a ton a weight, which is expected. But am toner, and even though it feels that I haven’t lost weight my clothes say otherwise.” 

Dedication. Commitment. Consistency. Attitude. “P” might have found herself limited in the progress to her goals but didn’t use anything as an excuse. Over the course of her Insanity program, she met the challenge and came out ahead.

“Exercise is now a lifestyle and so weight loss is not the real motivation as more importantly to stay fit and healthy. DAMN it FEEL GOOD! I really feel proud.”

You’re no different! The difference between success and failure is simply staying the course, with adjustments, that will lead you to your goal. “P” has done just that and SO CAN YOU.

As I mentioned yesterday…defy your limits! You really can change your life both physically and mentally. I’m happy to help you do it should you choose to use me as your coach

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