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Imagine Your Transformation: They Did It, So Can You!

There’s a reason I post my P90X before and after pic at the top of the HDIGF home page. It’s not because I enjoy ripping my shirt off and taking instagram “selfies” in my bathroom. That It’s not to show what I can do… it’s to inspire. My picture is there to show you what YOU can do- Lady or Dude. And really, that’s what this fitness journey is all about– letting YOU know you can accomplish extraordinary things when you buckle down, toss the excuses and commit to following a Beachbody program like Insanity and Body Beast.

Truth be told, I HOPED I’d come out with awesome results when I started P90X but I didn’t know that I WOULD get awesome results. It all takes a little bit of faith- letting go of preconceptions about nutrition, calories, what works, what doesn’t and finding the will to simply DO. Each completed workout brings new momentum– momentum that’s going to get you results like you’ll see below.

Transformation Results

The pictures below? The people in them are not supermen and woman. There’s nothing any more special about them than there is about you. They just took their pictures, pressed play every day and followed the program. 90 days later, they were amazed and winning money for their transformation.

Get inspired! This is what your transformation could be! Their transformation is YOUR transformation.


Why not you? Why not 30, 60, 90 days from now? Ask yourself…which transformation would you like to achieve AND BE THE NEXT.

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