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Ifs, Ands and Butts: One For The Ladies

I’ve covered the weights vs. body image issue in a previous post you can find here but in a society where body image is a big deal and Photoshop has subtly (and sometimes insidiously) changed the way we view normalcy, you can bet I hear “IF I lift weights, I’ll get manly… AND my butt will get bigger” all the time. All this worry for the butt, glutes, ham hocks, booty or bum bum– a muscle with the primary use of  hiding itself when you use it to sit upright without touching your feet to the floor. Super glamorous stuff.

Allow me to be honest:  Who cares? Fact is, your butt will ultimately be the byproduct of your workouts. The only time a “bigger” butt has anything to do with a negative is when you’re stuffing and padding it with fat. When you’re working out and working your booty in coordination with strengthening your body and improving kinetic movement, your derrier may get rounder, will get firmer, will get fuller….BECAUSE IT’S BEING USED FOR MORE THAN A PORTABLE CUSHION, not because it’s fat.

You’re YOU. You’re not Famous Athlete “A”, Super Model “B” or “SO & SO” at the gym. And you don’t ever have to be. If you’re working out and being honest with your nutrition and goals, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of and 9 times out of 10 your butt will take care of itself in a way that’ll have you smiling if you ever ask “How do these jeans make my butt look?”

So Ladies, if you’re working… embrace your butt. To put a point on it, this image is an oldie (put out circa 2005) but a goodie and one that lives forever via the Facebook passaround. It’s Serena Williams– or at least one aspect of her athleticism… one she rightly embraces.  As long as you’re “staying on target” and getting results… Let this be your motto.


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