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If You’re Doing P90X, Insanity or a Chalene Johnson Program…KEEP. GOING.

Man, getting fit and built is a slow, tough process. I get it. I was fat. I was bloopy. My chest, gut and back jiggled when I ran down the stairs. The sight of a treadmill sent me hissing and crying to the nearest TV-facing Lazy-Boy (which, ironically, lead me to the P90X infomercial). I didn’t want to wake up early for a workout. I had pizza cravings like stay-at-home Moms crave teenage vampire romance. I’m telling you– I get it. Staying committed to your program is tough. It’s why 100% of everyone out there isn’t pumped, ripped and walking around shirtless (or worse) at the drop of a hat. It’s why we as a people remain fat and statistically keep getting fatter. It’s why P90X and Insanity results look so great… because accomplishing a workout program that gets you results is NOT THE NORM. It’s why the people in the infomercials are in the infomercials– they BROKE OUT OF THE NORM.

So crap on that “I can’t do it because fill-in-the-blank” noise because you’re not the norm either. Stop making excuses, stop justifying yourself into regression, stop finding other things to do and get to it.

Story Time

I’m involved with the number one group of Beachbody Coaches in the nation– a group that offers support, encouragement and training. We were recently introduced to a dude who, within days of joining up as a coach was bitterly complaining and blaming everyone else for his lack of immediate success which he falsely measured by an ability to wipe his pits with dollar bills and own six houses on six of the world’s top rated beaches. Apparently, seeing the ridiculousness of blaming others for his shortcomings, he apologized. Not a few weeks later, the dude wrote a bitter diatribe again blaming everyone else for his woes saying coaching was a bust… all when he never took the effort to apply his advice and again, went into the process to get rich quick over genuinely making an effort to help people or even believing he COULD. Dude flipped the opportunity the bird after just a month or so. We happily waved goodbye.

Don’t Be “Dude”!

So ask yourself– are you this dude when it comes to your program? Did you come in for the right reasons or to get ripped quick by simply having a workout program next to your DVD player because I’ll tell you, you probably won’t see immediate results. I didn’t notice mine until Day 60 and even then I wanted more. And that’s OK. What’s not OK and will lead to perpetual failure is setting up unrealistic expectations you don’t really think you’ll meet and subsequently dash on the sharp rocks of half-@$$edness and excuses. You want change? YOU CAN HAVE IT BUT YOU MUST KEEP GOING.

I really do know it can be hard at times. It’s not always “fun” when people are tossing back drinks and sucking down wings, pizza, BBQ or whatever promises to make them a diabetes statistic before they increase their pant size by three belt notches before year’s end. Staying focused can be drudgery at other times (ANOTHER round of plyo!?)… but let’s get back to it: what are you in this for? To go back to square one when you haven’t even given yourself time to take a step out? No way. NO. WAY.

I know this may come off as a little hot under the collar but that’s only because I’m so passionate and CONVINCED you can take your life and health and body in directions you never thought you’d see. My passion IS the reason I’m a Beachbody Coach. You were never meant to be “fluffy” and you’re certainly not trapped in the body you’re frustrated with in the mirror. If you’re on my team, I can’t let you fail. We may not have grown up together or be BFF, but I truly do care about your success because you’re worth every ounce of it. Having seen what I’ve seen in my own journey, I can’t let you succumb to failure because the upsides are just days away. I’m “behind you” with all the support and accountability I can throw your way.

Facebook me, email me and heck… CALL ME. I’m your coach and have your back all day long. I’ll call you out. I’ll keep on your case. You bought your fitness training program for a reason. Keep going and make that reason happen.

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  1. BrittW says:

    Fantastic post Dan. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been fanatical about Beachbody programs since I started my journey almost a tear ago, and recently became a coach when I realized I was talking about fitness socially more than just about any other topic because of how passionate I am about fitness…mine and anyone that asked for help. I came across a female “dude” myself the other day…someone I know and care about…who is overweight, type 2 diabetic, and has sleep apnea, so must sleep with a breathing machine. Oh and did I mention she drinks about a six pack of diet coke a day? Not only could I not get her to talk about her health, she practically mocked me as the “odd” one because I workout and eat clean. It just goes to show yet again that you can’t help people that don’t want to be helped…any more than you can support a coach that gets into this for all the wrong reasons…

  2. Karen says:

    Love the motivation!

  3. Romall Smith says:

    You should have done this one on camera :)

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