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I Work Out An Hour (Or Less) A Day

If there’s a common concern (excuse?) I hear with people wanting to make a fitness change in their life and reclaim their self-image (and more importantly, health!) “I don’t have time” tops the list. To which I say, “Yes you do… you just like excuses a little bit more”. 

I know that sounds a little harsh but I only say that because, well… I used that excuse back in the day as well. Truth is, I just didn’t have the internal fires of motivation lit to prioritize my time. Now I look back at the excuse and think “That’s a load of crap.” A load of crap because with an hour a day (or less) I was able to shed 30+ pounds, build muscle, improve real world performance and expose abs that had never ever seen the light of day even at my college fittest when I’d spend two hours in the gym and running around active.

These days, I’m a busy guy. I work full-time, I Coach, I’m a Dad– I’ve got other obligations and responsibilities beyond that. At work I sit for 8-10 hours a day and yet with an hour or so of P90X, Insanity, P90X2 or Asylum and an eye firmly on my nutrition, I was able to carve up, met my personal ideal (I was never after bone-dry shredded) and ultimately maintain that ideal. And it’s all in about an hour (or less!) a day. To put that in perspective, you’d spend more time watching “The Biggest Loser”, “American Idol” or two of your favorite sitcoms than you would actually working (and having fun) to improve your life.

Overkill Is, Well… Overkill

You don’t need to kill yourself to achieve the visual fitness results you’re looking for. As I say here… TRUST YOUR PROGRAM. Stay consistent, build momentum and BELIEVE YOU CAN. Sure, you’ll need to WORK, SWEAT and PUSH yourself but spending HOURS working out can be counterproductive, leading to exhaustion, burnout and even worse, progress-derailing injury.

And while I know it’s popular to talk about Tim Tebow or Michael Phelps training regimes of 185 hours a day let’s be truthful here: They’re training for major events and even more than that, much of that workout time is based on “skill building” not pushing weight and working in the typical sense of “working out”. These athletes are surrounded by trainers, nutritionists and a host of others whose job it is to be what boils down to a biological mechanic.

We don’t have that luxury… but for our goals, we don’t need it. I’m more athletic, agile and fit than I’ve ever been in my life. And again… that’s from about an hour a day.

The Proof In Dan’s Story

OK, I just referred to myself in the third person there but it’s to make a point: When I started melting huge chunks of “muscle mayo” (aka- fat) with P90X over three years ago, I was just out to get back to “fighting weight”. I’d seen the infomercials on TV and was amazed by the results and after years of intermittently hitting the gym and seeing mediocre to “meh” improvement, I took the plunge. For me, there was one huge reason P90X got me excited:

I didn’t need to figure anything out- the plan was all right there.

From nutrition, to the type and variation of workout to supplementation– everything was laid out in day by day, week by week and ultimately, month by month detail. This wasn’t some “10 Strength Moves to Rip Your Midsection By Tuesday!!!” routine. P90X laid it all out as a complete, holistic path to success. It was a program born through testing, sports performance and an eye toward real results in not just visual improvement, but the physical improvement as well. I trusted the program, I gave an hour or so a day… and it worked. It worked like nothing else I’d tried before it and of all things, it lead me to enjoy getting my heart rate up.

And as much as the infomercials tout it– the point is my transformation changes happened through simply working out an average of about 60 minutes a day and fueling my body with the stuff it wanted, instead of the stuff my mind craved.

Trust your program. Plug into support. Ask questions right here at How Do I Get Fit, through free personal coaching or And most of all– keep after it with dedication. An hour… or less. Give it a shot and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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