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Get Fit (For The Kids!)

And now, for a very special episode here at How Do I Get Fit…

While not everyone who visits HDIGF has kids, there’s a fair share who do– so while I don’t want to leave anyone out, this post is geared a little more toward those on the team who may have a path like I did– guys/gals who might have been in shape until life happened and they easily let things slip. A few years later, all those crappy eating and “relaxing in the evening after the desk job” have caught up and you’re wondering why your blood pressure is high and why the guy/gal you see in your mind isn’t the one who fits into those “skinny pants” any more.

First off, if you’re in the “career and kids and slowing metabolism and creaking joints, and are trying to get back in shape” category, congrats are in order. You get it… and really, it’s never too late to start a program like, say… P90X2. Thing is, the kids are always in the picture… and while they can be used as an excuse (I’m too busy, I don’t have time to workout with the kids running around)– they can become a part of your fitness experience, become a motivation and even take part in your personal journey… all while maybe teaching them some great habits and giving yourself some long-term dedication along the way.

Get Fit To Be Around And Involved

Despite some patience-testing episodes, most parents like their kids… at least when they’re young and sweet. Truth is, parents want to be around to watch munchkins reach lifetime milestones like riding a bike, first day of school, sports, getting their license, first dance, marriage… whatever. Being around –and even better, being able to participate in their activities– can be a pretty satisfying and rewarding pursuit. Too many parents are huffing and puffing and can barely hold or play with their kids thanks to years of over-eating and lack of activity. Here’s a great example of how one Dad changed it all up with Les Mills Pump:


Let Tony And Shaun T. Do Some Babysitting

OK, so you’ve made the decision to “do it for the kids”. Now reality sets in. The kids are running around. They’re hungry. They’re teasing. They’re impatient. Why not get them engaged in your workouts? Kids love doing the moves P90X and Insanity bring to the table. In fact, as a father of three kids myself, I’ve found they love, love, love doing Insanity: The Asylum. The ladder drills, the jumping, the running… it’s varied and fun. Get the kids in on the action with you. Result? Shared time and a side bonus when bedtime rolls around…they fall asleep faster.


What’s The Best Time To Workout With Kids? The Time That Works For YOU.

So what happens when you’re living a crazy life where you’re waking up early and the optimal “early morning window” just doesn’t work for you? It’s OK– the fact is, the best time to work out is the time you’ll DO IT. Here’s how Team Member Chase G. (who also inspired this post) took care of this issue:

“When I was first gearing up for P90X, I had the same thoughts and excuses as to how was I going to do this? My wife has the high power job and I’m the one at home at night with the little maniacs. Well, since I am home at a decent hour, it means I’m in the office pretty early in the morning, and lunch routines are out… so I just figured out logistics at night to either work out after the kids go down or whenever.  Well, I found that my kids are actually “coaching” me. While I have to keep them out of the room to avoid injury, often they will sit on the bed and watch iPad and tell Dad to “breath”. My son now knows its time to exercise and tells me to “hop to” and get going. “

With many parents kids can often become an excuse but in essence can be the motivation that will help keep you on track and make the routines fun. Chase sums it all up nicely:

“I want to be healthy and live longer to see [my kids] grow up.  I think that is, or should be, a standard for any parent to live long and healthy. Being an out of shape slug on the couch at 290 and rolling into high blood pressure and risk of Type 2 diabetes and a heart attack was pretty selfish and a wake up moment.  I really am motivated to get in shape to live as long as possible and actually enjoy keeping up with them and not huffing and puffing.”


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