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Find Your Motivation For Persistence

This morning was a tough one. I’m usually pumped and ready to go after my Asylum/P90X hybrid, sopping the floor with perspiration and feeling energized but this morning… not so much. Bleary-eyed and sluggish, I dragged myself out of bed, changed, filled up a 16 0z. cup of water, trudged down the stairs to the cold basement, into “The Dungeon” and slipped Asylum Speed & Agility into the DVD player and…

…Ugh. The warm-up Jump rope drills- usually pretty easy to get through- were tough. My focus was still hanging out in the bed upstairs and my energy had missed the bus at Enthusiasm Street and was taking the long way in showing up.  Still, 50 minutes later I’d completed the workout sopped with sweat and brought it all home with Ab Ripper X.

Was it my best workout ever? No way. Did I think Shaun T. was a liar when he told me how good I did? Kinda. Did I struggle my way through it with low enthusiasm and a few more rests than normal? Yes– but I persisted in completing all the moves and with 20 minutes left found my focus and finished Speed & Agility much better than I started.

So what’s the moral of the story? I’m not saying this to say “Look what I did! I’m awesome!” I’m saying this because not every day is going to be confetti and adrenaline when it comes to working out. There’s going to be days when push-ups, jump knee tucks, bear crawls and high knees are the last thing you want to do. It’s in those times you’ve got to find the motivation for your persistence. In my case this morning, I’ve taken both choices– quitting and plowing through it and this morning I found my persistence in knowing I’d be done in an hour, my workout behind me and another day of calorie burning and refinement under my belt. In short, it’d be WORTH it. And while I struggled through the first 20 minutes, keeping all that in mind motivated me.

So what’s your motivation for persistence? Getting it done? Trimming out? Feeling great? Doing “one more” than you did last time? Example? Family? Friends? Whatever it is, keep it in your mental back pocket so you can pull that card any time your enthusiasm takes a plunge into the toilet. Once it’s pulled, look at it, focus on it and it’ll give you a drive of your own.

Keep driving, keep going after it and let’s find YOUR motivation. If you think we’re a fit, I can help all along the way

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  1. Karen says:

    Love this article! Came on just the right day… I’m off to my “dungeon” to workout!

  2. Jim says:

    Nothing like that sense of accomplishment. My motivation is living to enjoy life.

  3. Paul says:

    Persistence that thing many people lack. Great job continuing to fight through and get it done. I am sure you felt a whole lot better than you would have if you did not do your workout. The persistent people are the ones that get results and reach their goals. The ones that just give up and not going to get anywhere. Stay persistent in anything you do and you will achieve your goals. Maybe it won’t happen today, maybe it won’t happen tomorrow but stay on the course and it will.

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