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Deficits, August Crashes and Your Fitness

How’s this for timeliness–It’s been a rough week when it comes to the American economy and all the crabby politics barking itself hoarse around it. Credit Rating Downgrades, Stock Market tumbles and partisan finger-pointing/maneuvering have made up a lot of the real-world news lately and no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, there’s plenty of blame to go around. Yay.

Not that this post marks a turning point to political HDIGF coverage (after all, we welcome every political stripe) but all this craziness runs a very close parallel to what’s going with your health and fitness. On a personal level, it’s the political parable of my “cut the fat” journey before I stopped kicking the can of “Do Something” down the road. You know the drill– blaming everything but myself: age, hours in the day, “happiness”instead of taking responsibility and ACTION.

So thinking metaphorically, let’s break this craziness down via some of the current buzzwords because really, our personal fitness goals and the economic turmoil we’re in run kinda the same parallels:

Deficit (Fat) Reduction:

As a country, we can’t seem to reign in spending beyond our means. It’s not to say some of the spending isn’t worthy but numbers don’t lie– we’re “get now, pay later” gluttons. As a people, our diets follow the same pattern. Imagine your daily caloric and nutritional intake as your “budget”. Continually going over budget on items that are “convenient” or look “tasty” without the means to pay it off (exercise and physical activity) will lead to a bloated, unhealthy you– and that in and of itself comes with all kinds of problems including, initially, low self-esteem and, finally, a one way trip to funding the US health care industry as you load up medication and doctor’s visits for issues you could have avoided with some responsibility int he first place.

Stock (Health) Crashes:

Once you’ve spent (fed) your way into a chubby– even obese–deficit, things start crashing as your weight and unhealthy habits become unsustainable. These crashes may not come immediately but will accumulate over years and–just like the US budget crisis and downgrade– quickly run into the brick wall of inevitability. Heart disease, diabetes, a general feeling of crappiness, lethargy, and a steady train of colds and other ailments as your immunity takes a beating are the hallmarks leading to your personal crash… and once that crash happens, it can be hard to dig out of.

Still, with dedication, persistence and yes, sacrifice (no more crappy food for now!!) you CAN and WILL.

The Grand Bargain:

Grand Bargains aren’t easy to come to on Capitol Hill, but they’re a matter of easy agreement when it comes to personal action in busting your eating habits and staving off your eventual “calorie budget” busting deficit… or as I like call it, the “Fatpocalypse“. See, you can make the change NOW– this very second– and begin a course reverse that, with some time– will lead you out of health credit downgrades and into the sunshine and blue skies of freedom, zero guilt and satisfaction. You don’t need to haggle with compromise– you have a blueprint in P90X, Insanity or every other Beachbody program that lays out EXACTLY how to solve your problem.  Your program and your new dedication to it is your Grand Bargain– a grand bargain you, your friends, your family and everyone else who wants to see you stay around a while can jump on board with.

Get started, jump back on the bandwagon and punch your deficit and potential downgrade right where it counts. The journey starts today. And as always, I’m here to help– click here to make it official. 

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