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David Shows Insanity What The Heck Is Up

Insanity is a tough program but one that’s fun, will lean you out like a pack of 96/4 beef and build your cardiovascular endurance to “I just ran 3 miles and I’m breathing like I’m sleeping” level bragging rights. David Z.  knows this because, as the youngest Fit Spot! Member at age 15, he just finished Insanity and absolutely rocked the results: 17 lbs. lost and more importantly, melting 10% of his body fat.

To say I’m incredibly proud of David and his inspirational Insanity transformation is an understatement- he dedicated himself to the program and nutrition (know another 15-year-old who makes it a point to eat Organic, Omega-3 Peanut Butter?) and came out the other side with the Insanity results nothing short of commercial quality.

Enough of my talk- see for yourself:

As Brett Hoebel says, “Dude’s not drinking a six pack– he’s wearing it!” Not to mention building up some lats, sculpting some biceps and giving “soft” the what-for. And all this on top of school, tennis and tournaments. David’s now finishing his first week of P90X. If his results were this dramatic with Insanity, just wait ’til his 90 Day P90X pics roll in.

Awesome job, David!

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  1. Jim says:

    make sure you post on his end results, this guy is going to look ripped!!!

  2. Noel Price says:

    Way to bring it David!!! Keep on pushing!!

  3. Leland says:

    that’s great! he is young and has lot’s of potential to really gain some mass

  4. me says:

    hes still tiny…

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