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Beach Body Results Aren’t Instant- Adjust Accordingly

If there’s one self-sabotaging booby-trap I constantly see when coaching people through P90X, Insanity or any other Beachbody program, it’s this: individuals unrealistically set on seeing results after a few days–or even a couple weeks worth– of workouts. When six packs aren’t chiseled and cover-ready physiques aren’t visible, frustration sets in and the same people who were fired up and willing to do “what it takes” fall back into old habits, skip a workout and then fall off the wagon completely, going back to the exact complacence they were trying to change.

If they think they’re frustrated, I promise you… I’m even more so. These awesome people are giving up on changing their self-image and their quality of life and they’re not even a few steps out of the gate– all because they’re playing the short-term game. That’s frustrating because I want each and every person who picks up a program or comes through this site to crush the ever-lovin’ soup out of their goals because it’s 100% possible– I know what it’s done for me.

Thing is, Beachbody programs are MULTIPLE MONTH programs. Why? Because this simple and steadfast fact of life applies:

Eye popping results WILL NOT Come overnight. Ever!

They won’t come after a week. They may not even come in months! But they will come– subtly and week by week. The question is what are you willing to do to get there?

How Committed Are You… REALLY?

Some of the most dramatic transformations you’ll see have been achieved through some serious sacrifice: A lifestyle of habits thrown away without second thought, low carbs, doubles routines and self-discipline possessed by the finest of A-Type personalities.  But none of them– NONE of them– happened in a day or week. At best, subtle changes at 30, head-turning at 60 and for some, mind-blowing at 90. Some took OVER A YEAR (I wasn’t 100% pleased until around roughly Day 180). But here’s the clincher- they were willing to do what others weren’t. Shoot, I was willing to do what–at first– I didn’t necessarily want to do. But it became habit… and when results came, it all became an extremely FUN habit.

Again…Those with major changes sacrificed short-term comfort for long term success. Can you see results while giving 70%? Yes. But those results will be 70% of what’s achievable instead of what you may have been expecting. And if getting a “C-” on your goals is fine with you– that’s where your expectations need to be and you must recognize that at 70% commitment, you’ll never get 100% results. Short answer: If you put in the work and put in the nutrition change will come dependent on your level of discipline in both.

What Do You Want?

So here’s what it boils down to: What do you want out of your program? What IS your goal? Bone-shredded, vein-exposing ripped? Muscular? Trim? Sexy? Drop a couple pant sizes? Losing your butt, gut or moobs? If it’s ripped or athletic, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. Real sacrifices that can be mitigated with cool stuff like Shakeology but sacrifices assured to lead you away from the ho-hum lifestyle you’re used to and propel you into a whole new world of awesome you may not have thought possible.

Whatever you do… make it work for YOU. The idea behind programs like P90X is to create a great physique and makes changes in your outer and inner health but some people need a gradual lifestyle change, not a seismic shift. Which are you? Can you follow the P90X nutrition guide exactly for 90 days? Prep and get after it! Are you going to cut corners? If so, don’t expect the results you see on the infomercials in the short-term. You can get there and refine as you go but it won’t be in 90 days. And that’s fine if that’s your thing but don’t give up because you’re not giving 100% while expecting 100% out of it.

So please– and I’m not-so-subtly begging you here– programs like P90X and Insanity are SO worth it. They’re worth the challenge. They’re worth the time. They’re worth the skipped pizza night or ordering the salad with no dressing or cheese or bacon when you go out to eat. They’re worth waking up early for because ultimately, it’s not about the programs– it’s about what they can build for YOU. And if you’re giving up because you expect fast results– you need to reassess the heck out of your why (or pick a better one) because you’re consciously choosing to shortchange the awesomeness in life, health and self you’ll find along the way.

I WANT you to succeed. Want it for yourself.

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  1. Kristin says:

    This was a good read. I’m a short term thinker. I obsess over things for a little while but then I get bored with them. When I did insanity the first time this is what happened after two weeks of it being hard and not noticing a huge change (actually I gained weight) I threw in the towel. Hopefully this time around will be better. Because this morning I made myself drink a protein shake (GASP!!) If you knew anything about me and my minimal calorie intake you would know how huge that was for me :).

    • Dan V. says:

      Thanks, Kristin! This time around WILL be better. Keep in contact and keep looking at what you want to ultimately accomplish, no doubt you’ll rock Shaun T.’s world.
      And congrats on that protein shake– that’s HUGE. :)

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