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Asylum Challenge

If you’ve done, or are doing, Insanity you know Shaun T. doesn’t mess around. The dude is awesome, a motivator and ripped as it gets. Thing is, if you look at the difference between Shaun T. in Insanity and Shaun T. in Asylum– you’ll think Shaun T. was pounding extra pizzas between takes. Asylum has leaned the dude out while keeping his muscle mass like CRAZY. Check out this pic to see what I’m talking about…


Being a generous guy, Shaun T. wants you in on the fun and has thrown out the Asylum Challenge– a chance for you to earn your spot in the upcoming Asylum infomercial and gain an elite “Finishers Only” T-Shirt (for free, even) in exchange for sticking to the program for 30 Days. Even better, Asylum also comes with details and calendars for Asylum/Insanity and Asylum/P90X hybrid programs.

The Man explains it himself:

Are you up for the challenge? I just finished my P90X/Asylum hybrid and have never felt better, increased my stamina, agility, coordination and strength. After taking a week off, am going after it again for a shot at the glory. Free T-Shirts are cool, but losing a bit more body fat percentage right in time for heavy poolside and race/event season while getting even more fit? Even better.

Learn more about Asylum and/or pick up your copy here. 

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  1. Jim says:

    Chest and arms are definitely bigger after asylum in those pic’s. That’s a killer workout.

  2. Karen says:

    I definitely want to give that a try!

  3. Leland says:

    This workout is killer. 30 days was all I could handle. Definitely couldn’t do 60 days straight of this. It’s super intense. I just thought Insanity was hard.

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