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Anything But…Are You On The Same Hamster Wheel As This Guy?

Motivation is a tricky thing. I talk about it all the time only because it’s so closely tied to your goals… and after all, isn’t that why I’m here?

So hey– at the risk of dog-piling on the “motivation is like a fire” cliche, I’m going to go ahead and say motivation is, well…like a fire. You can’t simply light a match and expect the match to burn indefinitely. You’ve got to “spread the fire” for it to grow or add it to a source that has the fuel to keep it going. You’ve got to shield it from wind and rain. If not, “pfff”– the flame chokes out.

The same holds true for motivation– it’s not fuel to itself. Motivation has to be fed and shielded and spread. The people who are successful with P90X or Insanity or Turbofire or any other fitness program are the people who know motivation is fed. They spread the fire by plugging in and finding others who are motivated, willing to offer support and have the same goals. They shield it from the wind of distraction and naysayers and keep their motivation lit with the fuel of consistency and goals. They make adjustments but never at the expense of what they’re trying to do. They WANT this.

Those who lose motivation? Well, they lit the match and then put it down. They’d do ANYTHING to get into shape… except all the stuff they have to do to get into shape. It’s really that black and white.

Think back on all the times you’ve wanted something and set out to make it happen. The one experience that’s always defined motivation for me happened waaaay back in High School when I wanted my driver’s license. My parents had a rule–  before I could even think about getting a license, I had to earn the top achievement in Boy Scouts. I had to earn my “Eagle”– which consisted of organizing a community service project. I let it slip until I turned 16 and saw my parents weren’t giving in. I wouldn’t have a license until I met the Eagle requirement.  Think I turned up the motivation then? I totally did. I organized that service project. I planned, worked, called, wrote letters and organized. I earned that Eagle and then studied the driver’s hand-book for hours and hours. I studied more for my license exam than I did combined in my whole High School experience. Needless to say, I got my license.

Find your motivation. Find your why and get crackin’. Don’t be majority who start and “want this so bad”… except bad enough to actually do anything but feel entitled to it.

Get started first and foremost by plugging in

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  1. Josh Spencer says:

    Doesn’t that picture explain it all though? People complain and complain about their weight, but aren’t willing to do what it takes to lose it. It all goes back to laziness! That’s why we have the highest obesity rate in the entire world.

  2. Jim says:

    “They’ll do anything they have to do to get in shape, except all the stuff they have to do to get into shape”. That may be the catch phrase of the year. and it’s way to true for a lot of people.

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