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Another P90X “DO” List Disguised As a “Don’t”

Last week I posted the Tony “P90X” Horton Top 10 “DO” list. More “P90X” in spirit than actually a part of the program, Mr. Horton’s DO list is to your life what P90X is to your body– a routine of simple things to simply make life better.

The “DON’T” list is kind of the same– and it’s a good one. While no one likes being told what they “can’t” do, the “DON’T” list is more about enabling you to drop bad habits that can then free you up to become stronger and live a more fulfilling, purpose-filled life. Where Tony Horton’s P90X workouts do this for your physical body, this list can do that for your state of mind. And thing is, Tony’s not some genius when it comes to these things. They’ve been spiritually taught, scholastically preached and secularly advised on for centuries.

Don’t Do It!

1. Pointing fingers. Stop the blame game and try on someone else’s shoes once in a while.

My Two Cents: “Bear one another’s burdens”… empathy and understanding go a loooong way and are kind of absent in a lot of our public discourse these days. This easily bleeds into a “victim” mentality. Take Control of your life instead of allowing yourself to be a victim of every circumstance or blaming others for your current unhappiness. You know the type (and it may even be you)– there’s always a reason you’re not getting the things you want done, done. You’re not working out because you’re too tired. You’re eating like crap because you don’t have time. You’re unhappy because Person A did/didn’t do [insert excuse]. Stop. Take control of your life. Victimization, blame and excuses are for losers. You’re not a loser. There’s time for everything you MAKE a priority.

2. Manufactured foods, processed food and factory food from a bag, box, bottle or can.

My Two Cents: This can take some training but eating “clean” will invigorate you in ways you’re probably not familiar with yet. Your body craves whole foods and will reward you with energy and a sense of well-being when you give it what it wants. Sure, packaged stuff is convenient but with a little planning, you can overcome this obstacle in short order. When you do, you’ll be cutting out chemicals, additives and all sorts of other crap your body was never intended to process or eat.

3. Caring what other people think of YOU!

My Two Cents: This is TOUGH. Everyone likes to be liked. But ultimately, what difference does it make if random dude C. thinks you’re a douche for doing corn-cob pull-ups in the gym instead of a 200 lb. lat press? What matters is what YOU think of YOU. Once you’re on that happy playground, you’re Teflon. After all: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.

4. Poor health and fitness. Overweight means overwhelmed and it’s a burden on OUR healthcare system.

My Two Cents: People who aren’t investing in their fitness will always make snide remarks about how you ARE. But take a step back– these people are simply punching their cards for early diabetes, medication, heart problems and lethargy/frequent illness. Fitness is more than looking good– it’s about maximizing your quality of life and living life to the extent it was created for. Being fat isn’t something to laugh off– it’s a life stomper.

5. Fear of failure. Failure is learning and learning makes you better – so fail often.

My Two Cents: I fear failure. We all fear failure. But it’s all a matter of perspective. Life goes on after failure (except in skydiving)– and usually, it goes on to something better if you cut the cords of “past” and reinvest in succeeding “future”.

6. Staying Stupid. Ignorance is NOT bliss. As the times change so must you.

My Two Cents: We live in a society of entrenched opinion. What’s startling is the inability of people to step out from opinion even when it’s WRONG. Don’t be afraid of change if it’s TRUE. Respect other opinions and come out on the right side– not just the most comfortable. Seek out learning both secularly and spiritually. Often, you’ll find they make a pretty good power couple.

7. Addiction. Booze, drugs and bad unhappy people make for a miserable life.

My Two Cents: Addiction of any kind inhibits your freedom to get beyond it. What “choice” you thought you had in making that decision in the first place is the key you just threw away to the cage your “choice” just put you in. Avoid even the hint of anything that will bring you down– people included.

8. Slobs. Pig Pen is no one to aspire to. Vacuum, scrub and polish your world for your own dignity and respect from others.

My Two Cents: The whole “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” thing is worn but man, I’ll tell you there’s a difference in the way I feel about myself when I’m walking through a clean house. Tony couldn’t have said it any better: “Vacuum, scrub and polish your world for your own dignity and respect from others.” Amen.

9. Scatter Brains. Organization gives you the freedom to live the life you want.

My Two Cents: Life is full of “just came ups”. There’s ALWAYS something that’s going to get in your way– something else to do or something to distract you (Facebook, anyone?). Organizing your life so each action item takes you to a point of success, closure or completion will free up time and productivity like you wouldn’t believe.

10. Behaving like you’re going to live forever. It’s a short ride so get busy!

My Two Cents: “It’s Never to Late to Start. It’s always to late to wait.” Get on it and make your life better. 

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  1. Jim says:

    All words to live by. Your two cents is worth a million bucks on this one.

  2. Simo says:

    Caring what other people think of YOU: this one is tough for sure, sometimes people will try to mislead you and put you down because you have achieved something they haven’t, kinda makes them feel better … I remember when i was fat and unhealthy nobody ever complained, and now that i’m ripped and leading a healthy lifestyle, there is always someone who would say something negative either about my diet or workout, I say to hell!

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