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Measuring Your Fitness Success

There’s pretty much nothing that’ll get you more motivated, fired up and excited than seeing measurable success as you work on leaning out and getting fit. As we know, scales make a good start point but are a bad indicator of your true success. I haven’t touched a scale in months and to be honest, it’s kinda nice.

Beachbody has a great video presentation (below) that outlines how to find your measurements where it matters most- in inches (and you’ll notice this especially in how your clothes start… or stop… fitting) and with fat calipers. I could type it out and explain it all day long, but this video does the trick nicely:

Remember– tracking your progress via pictures, measurements and on your workout sheets not only keeps you on track but also gives you something to cheer for when “visible” results may not be where you want them. Those visible results will definitely come as you stick to your program– in the mean time, measurements make for great sanity checks. 

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  1. Jim says:

    it’s good that you point out that scales are not the only indicator you need to measure your progress. too many people only look at the scales. great post on that, keep it up.

  2. Danv says:

    Thanks, Jim. Scales are for the birds. Wakeboarding on the other hand…

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