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Maximize Your Time in Ab Ripper X

As you melt your “muscle mayo”, P90X‘s Ab Ripper X gets your abs ready for their close-up when they make their diamond-cutting debut. Nutrition is key to excavating those washboards (“Abs are made in the kitchen” and all that) but optimizing your 15 minutes of ab-burning floor time with the right technique will ensure you have those abdominals camera-ready when the time comes.


It’s no lie when you hear “Form is everything”. Form relates to the movement and placement of your body as you run through a move. Bad form incorporates muscles you’re not necessarily trying to target and at worst can cause injury. When you’re doing Ab Ripper X, concentrate on your form. Keep your legs as straight as you can manage them with your heels kicked out (do this by keeping your toes pointed AT you, not away from you) and again, focus on moving your body with your abdominals and BREATHING.  Exhale on the “work” or contraction and inhale on the “release”.


Ab Ripper X is a pretty thorough ab blaster, working top (rectus abdominus), side (obliques) and lower (iliac crest–the “V”– and lower rectus abdominus) which not only pops those “beach” muscles but also strengthens the core. Sometimes it’s easy to put the emphasis on the upper abs as they’re used to doing all the work.

This sounds a little out there, but connect your mind to your muscles. THINK about the muscles you’re trying to work. If you’re not “feeling it”, something’s wrong. Using correct form, focus on the abdominal area you’re using in the particular exercise and ENGAGE them. Make them do the work without allowing your body to cheat by adding other muscles to the fray. Fifer Scissors, for example, works the lower abdominals and hip flexors. By focusing on lifting your legs and holding them with those muscles, you’ll engage– and once those muscles are engaged, they’re working, building and getting stronger. And when they’re engaged, you’ll know it thanks to that sharp burn. Hello!


Most of the time, your body weight will provide the resistance you need. But if you find you’re tearing through Ab Ripper X without much problem or “burn”, it might be time to refocus, check your form or add additional resistance in the form of ankle weights.

In the end, you may have to rest a few times and Ab Ripper may be a 30 minute workout instead of 15. That’s OK. The point here isn’t to rip through a workout… the point is to effectively work and rip those abs for their show-stopping debut!

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