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Increase Your P90X Pull Up Count

Pull ups are kind of a point of pride… and they should be. Search You Tube and you’ll find countless examples of people throwing down with pull ups both correctly (focusing on lifting with the back, pulling with the lats, with full extensions) and incorrectly (going halfway down, kipping the heck out of it and swinging like drunk monkey*). It’s also one of the key “milestone” moments in many people’s P90X fitness workouts. Why? Pull ups are HARD. They require a lot of upper body strength and synergy.

So how do you increase your pull up count? I cover the question in plenty of detail in my 4 Tips To Increase You Pull Up Count post. There’s practice, persistence and chairs but there’s also a relatively new tool in the arsenal that kicks the chair assisted technique to the curb by giving you support, assistance and proper form but taking away the “ease” of cheating by supporting so much of your weight with your legs: It’s a tool called the Chin-Up Max.

Instead of leaning your body out over a chair, you can keep your vertical form which isolates and focuses the muscles you’re supposed to be using in a true pull up. Made of three elastic straps and a foot stirrup, you attach this sucker to your pull up bar, step into it with one foot and go to town. It’s kind of a game changer if you’re looking to strengthen your pull up and add to your rep count– you can even use it if you’re a pull up King/Queen and need to squeeze out a couple extra reps.

Check it out or Order it up here.

*Kipping pull-ups definitely have their place, their own form and their own purpose in work… but I don’t and won’t ever consider them a true pull up. Sorry, Cross Fit pals! 

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  1. Romall Smith says:

    this is on my list for next week

  2. Noel Price says:

    Great information!! I am always trying to increase mine! With correct form of course! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Matt Edwards says:

    Hard to believe 40ish pounds ago I was a chair guy, now I am a weighted vest guy.

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