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Impatient With Your Fitness Progress? Here’s a Sanity Check.

Week in and week out I answer a lot of the same fitness questions. They seem to come in cycles and these last few weeks it’s been a note-worthy amount of result-based questions like these:

“What am I doing wrong? I’m [X] days into P90X/Insanity and I’m not seeing anything!”


“What the crap? I’m not ripped like Shaun T./Tony Hortone/[Insert Professional Fitness Model Here] yet.”

Truth is I love this question. And that’s said with zero sarcasm. The fact I receive “when will I see progress?” questions means people are tuned in- or at least INVESTED- in their program and desired results. Even better, it allows me to set up expectation and really evaluate a person’s goals and whether the “day to day” is aligned to get them there.

And just in case you’ve had one of these thought cross your mind, my answer is always this… well, more or less:

“You’re doing P90X [or fill in your own Beachbody Fitness program]. This is not P”20″X . This is not “Insanity is 60 days but for you, make it 20”. No, you’re committed to a 90 day program. 90 days is three months and three months takes 90 days, not 3 weeks. Immediate results are not on the menu. Immediate results were never on the menu. Accept this truth: You took time to fall out of shape- it’s going to take time to get back INTO shape. Trust the program… including the nutrition. Change WILL happen.”

Turn Impatience Into Motivation

I know slow initial progress can be frustrating when you want those infomercial results NOW… but you MUST realize your commitment will take time. And just by way of nature, the more body fat you have the longer it will take. This shouldn’t be a point of frustration– this should be a point of excitement! Change is in your future and every day you press forward, change is happening and you’re always one step ahead of where you started- one day at a time.

And as for that thing called “time”? It’s your FRIEND– time is not the enemy. The enemy is impatience and frustration. Without being kept in their proper place (after all, impatience can be a driver), these negative feelings can also sap energy, enthusiasm and just plain blow up your well-laid and ultimately achievable plans. Unchecked, impatience stops you cold for no other reason than simply quitting when you were ahead.

I say this often but some of the best and most dramatic transformations are ones that have taken MULTIPLE rounds of a program, hybrids, etc. My first round P90X results were pretty rad but 3 months later, they were even better.

So as always, keep in mind… your fitness destination has a journey. It’s a fun one. It’s a journey filled with highs and lows and doubts and elation. It’s a path paved with tweaking, finding what works for you and doesn’t and ultimately finding you were capable of awesomeness all along.

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