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How To Survive The Holidays Without “Eating Guilt”

Holidays are The Devil. OK, that may be overstating it because holidays are awesome… BUT there’s nothing better at derailing a desire for change than using the holidays as an excuse to delay. They’re also pretty good at sending people sliding down the slippery slope of falling off their fitness bandwagon. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, that’s 5 weeks before “The New Year’s Pledge” to get back to it and by then, you may be starting over again at square one.

Don’t be that guy/gal.

Holiday food doesn’t control you– YOU are in control of your holiday food. Here’s a few tips on how to survive with your willpower, progress, motivation and waistline intact:

1. Work Out

Duh. But a holiday workout isn’t about creating a “calorie bank” for gorging later in the day. In other words, don’t work out so you can justify going crazy. Work out because it keeps your momentum going, gets your mind right and keeps you in the cycle of “I worked out so why blow my hard work?” You’re going to be faced with a heaping pile of temptation and let’s be honest, we’re going to cheat a little bit. Emphasis on little (more on that in a sec). Working out will keep your metabolism cranking and serve as a nice reminder your Holiday isn’t necessarily a free-for-all.

2. Eat Before You Eat

Thanksgiving takes all day to prepare but only a few minutes to go down the hatch. If you’re visiting or heading over to friends/family… eat a bit before you go. Don’t starve yourself in anticipation of the big meal. Chances are, if you arrive hungry, you’re going overboard and EVERYTHING will be fit for consumption. Not good! To avoid the tendency of overeating, keep yourself full as you would any other day and when “feedin’ time” time comes, you’ll find you eat normally instead of reactionary.

3. Pick Your Targets– Don’t Carpet Bomb

So you’re at your dinner– survey the spread. You don’t need to carpet bomb your eating by grabbing a sample of everything.  Choose what you plan on eating and stick to it. If that includes some “naughty” stuff, so be it… just take SMALL servings and don’t go back for seconds. As for the rest, Thanksgiving makes eating easy as there’s usually plenty of vegetables. Load your plate there and at the turkey plate instead of the mashed potatoes, casseroles and sweets sections.

4. Thanksgiving Is Nutrition Friendly

Think about it. As mentioned before, holiday tables are usually loaded with vegetables (I’m not counting mashed potatoes as vegetables) and a 25 lb. bird that’s loaded with lean meat. Bonus–The main dishes are already part of your clean eating lifestyle! Your two main areas of concern are covered and once you’re full on the good stuff, the temptation of pounding a whole pie and washing it down with another goes way, way down.

5. Snack Wisely

Snacking on chips as you watch the holiday games or wander around the house before dinner can do you in. Vegetable trays and whole grain crackers won’t do you and can satisfy that need to crunch.

You can go through your holiday eating guilt free if you allow yourself some latitude. Granted, that’s not a road trip from the North Pole to Hawaii… More like a trip from Hawaii to California. You do want to keep things in check as you DO have goals to accomplish but Thanksgiving should be enjoyed for what it is– a celebration of the ridiculous bounty we enjoy and the people in our lives we have to share it with. With a determination to get back on a track you haven’t wavered too far from with some planning and focus, you’ll be living the P90X dream AND enjoying your holidays without the guilt or setbacks.

Here’s to your safe and happy Holidays! 

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