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How Do I Maintain My P90X/Insanity Transformation?

You’ve reached the end of your program. If you’ve done P90X, the fist 90 days are in the books. If you’ve been going Insane with Shaun T., 60 days are history.  You now have three choices: A) sit around and get fat again B) Maintain C) Go further. At this point, hopefully “A” isn’t even a question and you threw that one out without even thinking twice. If going further is your goal (and if you’ve not reached your ideal you, I hope it is!), we’ve covered that here. So… Maintenance.

Maintaining your physique now that you’ve packed on fat-burning muscle and know how to eat right is much easier than the journey to get here. That doesn’t mean you let up on working out…you’ll still be hitting the daily workout without slacking off– it just means you can lighten up a little, take in a few hundred more (clean) calories a day and add a little more variety to your workouts.

Welcome Back, Food

Since you’re not necessarily going for fat loss any longer, you can slowly begin adding calories back to your diet. That means if you were previously shooting for 1 lb. fat loss a week, you should be adding an additional 500 calories or so–  1000 if your were a “go-getter” and tackling 2 lb. fat loss. The P90X Nutrition Guide hand holds you through this process as part of its nutrition plan but sometimes folks stretch their deficit a bit longer for more dramatic results. In my case, I went from 1900 calories up to 2900/3000 (slowly- adding them all at once can mess with your new, hard-earned metabolism). Needless to say, it’s kind of fun and your metabolism is all kinds of ready for it.

It’s here you can begin playing with “cheat meals” (covered extensively here). This is super tricky because once you run this road, it can be hard to turn back– especially when you take in your first “cheat”, see no change in your weight or physique and begin justifying it daily. You’ve fought too hard to take the subway back to Potgut Central, so if you’re afraid this will happen to you- forget the cheat meals and continue eating clean and well.

Workouts: Spice It UP

Here’s where things get interesting in your workouts. If you love structure ( I do), you can always start P90X or Insanity over again. But first, I’d recommend at least a week of rest (not sitting around “rest”, but “active recovery rest”– IE– Insanity’s Cardio and Balance, P90X’s Core Synergistics, Yoga, Stretch, running, etc.) before diving in again. Give the shoulders, tendons, elbows and knees some rest after all those weeks of repetitive movement.

After your “rest week”…. well, there’s a whole host of things to do. With summer here all kinds of outdoor activities are calling your name and all can be subbed for cardio and attacked with a “Dig Deeper” or “Bring It” attitude. You’re not casual any more– you KNOW the game and can capitalize on it. Feel like some hill repeats? Show that hill what’s up. Want to enter a run or event? Training will keep you active.

If you’re after a more structured regime, whole body P90X+ workouts will keep your body working. A redux of  P90X resistance workouts 3 times a week (with consistent 12 rep weight) will keep your gains going strong. Want to improve? Add more weight and lower the reps with good form.

Back In The Game

After roughly 8 weeks or so, it’ll be time to step up the game again and add more intensity over maintenance. And it’s here you’ll probably want to (if you haven’t already) step back into the regime of P90X Round II, Hybrids or a new, more advanced program. Not only will this “up your game” but it’ll keep things fresh as well.

Either way you go, as a Beachbody Coach I’m here to help you through it with any questions, tips or motivations you may need– whether keeping after maintenance or working to get to there!

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  1. Jim says:

    Your right about those cheat meals Dan, they can be a slippery slope. I fell down that slope 5 years ago and it took me a while to get back up and get my health back. this is really good advise because it’s hard to lighten up a little without going all the way back to your old habit’s.

  2. Karen says:

    great advice for staying on track!

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