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HDIGF’s Top 10 P90X and Insanity Motivational Posts

I’m not sure if it’s the change in the weather, the change in schedules or people running into weeks 3-6 but I’ve been receiving a lot of notes lately asking for motivation. And that’s good! It means they’re invested and WANT to see success. Of course, that’s what I’m here for and by plugging in and seeking help… well, that’s how you’re going to find success. Motivation is a constant battle but I want you to win it every time… and you can.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d drum up a list of How Do I Get Fit’s Top 10 Motivational (or in some cases, “Tough Love”) posts:

  1. Motivation: Finding It And Getting Past Square One: Slow-down can be a real motivation killer. Slow-down and its resulting frustration, however, doesn’t haven’t to be bucket of water that douses your motivational fire. It can be the kindling that restarts it.
  2. “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day…”: Results don’t come overnight. Patience, Your “starting line” and Consistency are the keys to “building your Rome”.
  3. Your Program Will Work. Let It.: The difference between the folks with transformations and those without? Trusting their program.
  4. Five Progress Killers To Avoid In P90X, Insanity or any Other Program: Nailing the physique you want with P90X or Insanity is a journey with pitfalls along the way– decisions that will slow your progress down. Here’s the top five to avoid.
  5. Greatness Is In The Moment Of Decision: “The reason diets and other how-to’s don’t work for most people… isn’t that the actions are wrong. It’s that people don’t keep doing them.”
  6. Thoughts: “Can-Do”, Honesty and Why Being a Fitness Hermit Is Lame:  I promise– once you implement “CAN”, “CAN’T” will get its trash kicked all day long.
  7. What’s Your Workout Why?: No matter where you start your program, there’s a reason “why” you started. It’s the spark that lit the gasoline trail and blew up into the action. You need to keep it front and center.
  8. If You’re Doing P90X, Insanity or a Chalene Johnson Program…KEEP. GOING.: Staying committed to your program is tough. It’s why 100% of everyone out there isn’t pumped, ripped and walking around shirtless (or worse) at the drop of a hat. It’s also why the people in the infomercials are in the infomercials– they BROKE OUT OF THE NORM.
  9. Importance of Optimism: Personally, I’ll take the combined brilliance of optimism and its resultant satisfaction and motivational inspiration- a refreshing perspective that easily counterbalances the dead-weight of sulking self-absorption and worry.
  10. Find Your Motivation For Persistence: So what’s your motivation for persistence? Whatever it is, keep it in your mental back pocket so you can pull that card any time your enthusiasm takes a plunge into the toilet.


Watch You Tube. There’s TONS of Beachbody program transformations out there to motivate and inspire. One thing I’d also like to mention is consistency and being true to your goal. It’s easy to slip up on workouts and eating clean. There’s always a reason. Always. Staying consistent and PLANNING ways to stay on track will give you the wings to lift you up and over these hurdles. That’s why A) I’m big into early morning workouts no matter what and why B) I’m big on Shakeology.

A) Nothing is happening early morning. Your goal is more important than staying up late.

B) Shakeology gives you the option to sub a quick and easy meal on the go or when you go out to eat with friends. Sure, it may not be as fun as ordering up and eating a meal, but this is short-term sacrifice for long term gain.

Make the decision, course correct and stay strong in your commitment. I’ve been down that road… and I’m happy to walk it again with you. 

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    love this! Great wrap up for motivation!

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