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Focus T25- Is It The Fitness Program For You?

Focus T25 is a workout designed and totally focused on revolutionizing the way you think about fitness results and the time spent achieving them. SWEET!

That said, as many as have loved it and achieved killer results, I’ve had individuals who decided it wasn’t quite up their alley. Of course, that’s not saying the program isn’t effective, because it is (amazingly so). It’s just saying that maybe Focus T25 wasn’t the right fit, for whatever reason, at the time. After all, as a fitness program dedicated to- honest!- only 25 minutes a day (except Fridays, which is an optional double day) for a total of 50-60 workout days (70 if you count your “weekend off days”), comes with a bit of a new mindset requirement.

Does Focus T25 deliver results? Like any of Beachbody’s fitness programs, there’s no question the program delivers… if you follow it.


So to clarify any confusion, I wanted to address the Focus T25 question: Is it for YOU?

Focus T25- Things To Consider

If you’re considering taking on Shaun T.’s 25 minute workout quest, there’s a few things to consider:

What Are Your Expectations? If there’s one item of “disappointment” that comes from users of T25 coming off Insanity or P90X, it always boils down to expectation. T25 is neither of those programs. If you’re looking to continue down the road of a 40-60 minute, all-out workout… you may be disappointed in the first five week training block, Alpha Phase, which is built primarily to increase and establish a fitness base. If you’re coming off Shaun T’s other programs or “The X”, this Phase may feel a little underwhelming. Dont’ get me wrong– there’s work to be done and sweat to be had… but it’s not like the duration of intensity you’re probably used to.

What Do You Want To Accomplish?  T25 is primarily a weight loss program. It’s got very restrictive calories and very little weight training the first two Phases. Gamma Phase, an additional add-on, is a cardio based, functional weight training series similar to Asylum’s pyramid and progression drills. Keep that in mind when looking at T25.

What Is Your Current Fitness Level? As mentioned, if you’re coming off a very intense program, while T25 will test you, it’s just not a 40-60 minute workout. You won’t feel as taxed when you’re finished, recovery will be faster and if you’re a glutton for punishment, you may want more. You can certainly go that route by adding another T25 workout to make it a 50 minute training session (there isn’t a true warm-up, after all) but the program as designed is intended to hit the 25 minute mark and get you on your way while promoting weight loss. Again, this goes back to expectation. T25 delivers fitness and training- but if you’re advanced fitness… you may still have more in the tank at the end of 25 minutes.

How Is Your Patience? While any fitness journey requires patience, T25 throws in the added wrinkle of its workouts being “only” 25 minutes. If you don’t trust the program or follow it… you’ll begin wondering if that’s enough. maybe you should be doing more? When will my results come!? And it’s mental gymnastics and anguish from there. If you’re doing T25, dedicate yourself to it, trust it and have patience. It’s designed to WORK.


Are You Planning For Consistency? You’ve got to do it. If T25 is for you, if you’d like to cut your workout time in half… trusting the program and being consistent will lead you to the promised land of results. If you don’t maximize the 25 minutes, don’t bring intensity and look at the

25 minutes as a way to write off the workout, you’re doing yourself a disservice. If consistency is not on your radar, T25 isn’t for you.

Are You Going To Marry The Nutrition Plan? There’s been some genuine jaw-dropping when the T25 nutrition plan is viewed. It’s restrictive- 1200-1800 calories. Period. Again, this goes back to your goals. Is it to lose weight within the T25 framework? Then you’re on track. If you’ve got muscle and want to keep that mass, the calorie restriction may not be for you.

Shaun T. has a few T25 recommendations as well:

Focus T25: Yes, No, Maybe So

So all those considerations in place… is T25 for you? I’ll stand behind the fact that anyone can benefit from T25… but you can generally apply the following:

YES: Focus T25 is for you: 

  • You’re on a time crunch and need a real, phased fitness approach.
  • You’re starting back into fitness after a break. You’re relatively new to fitness or starting from a mid-base fitness level.
  • You want to lose weight.
  • You want to add supplemental cardio-based workouts to your fitness regime or are looking for workout variety to add to a program like P90X, Insanity, etc.

NO: Focus T25 May Not Be For You

  • Want a long workout.
  • Advanced/Graduate Fitness Level
  • Don’t want to cut calories.
  • Not looking to lose weight.
  • Retain Mass.


  • You’re looking for cardio variety.
  • You want to add to your library of workout options.
  • You want to lose fat and use T25 as a “cutting” option with a change in the recommended nutrition calories.
  • You want to mix it up with a workout hybrid.
  • You want to maintain results.
  • You love Shaun T. (and really… who doesn’t?).

T25-Results-Insert-GuysQuestions? Feel free to email me here or at I make it a point to respond because not getting feedback is overrated. What not overrated? Fitness support. If you’re looking for it and want to become part of a larger, kick-butt community, you can make me your (free) Beachbody Coach right here. 

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